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Case Management at Ripple Ranch Recovery Center

In the healthcare services industry, case management is a powerful tool that is used to help patients identify factors in their treatment and what they need to be doing to ensure a successful recovery. Case management services help people take a step-by-step approach to their treatment to increase the chance of long-term recovery. One of the main goals for a case manager is to help clients maintain recovery after they finish their time at Shadow Mountain Recovery. 

In our experience at Ripple Ranch Recovery Center, case management services have a profound impact on increasing the success rates of addiction recovery, which is why we offer a case manager to work with each of our patients. Learn more about how our case management services work below.

Case Management Services 

Case managers serve as the hub for treatment that could include inpatient or outpatient care and long-term psychological counseling. They can provide assistance with healthcare specialists and testing procedures. Case managers are the conduit and navigator into a complex system of treatment and can open doors when the average patient may end up on a waiting list. They can help develop a treatment plan that could include a variety of approaches:


  • Detox, including medically-assisted programs
  • Residential inpatient care
  • Hospitalization
  • Long-term or intensive outpatient treatment
  • Traditional outpatient services
  • Mental health
  • Family counseling
  • Housing
  • Aftercare and follow-up


Case managers aid patients by improving outcomes in treatment; research shows patients with case managers stay in recovery longer and have a lower relapse rate.

Case managers ensure patients are more likely to receive and follow through on all of their problems, not just the physical addiction component of their disease.

Comprehensive treatment is a necessity in addiction treatment; the case manager can assist the individual in using all of the resources available to fight his or her affliction.

The case management role include five key components:


  • Assessment of the patient’s situation
  • Treatment/case planning
  • Linkage/referrals to other programs and services
  • Monitoring and follow up
  • Advocacy and support

Case managers become a single source of truth for patients, helping them organize a dispersed healthcare environment. In this role, they become extremely valuable, adding their voice throughout the community-centered treatment process, which could span weeks or years.


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This place is great! The people there are very human, compassionate, and understanding. Wonderful place to heal and start life anew.

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Staff is really amazing. It is a great dual diagnosis facility. They recognize that the same treatment doesn’t work for everybody, and they are great at customizing the treatment for the individual. Staff is super helpful. Facility is spacious, well kept and on nice property. Food is balanced and nutritious. Access to phone and email is helpful. Overall a great experience.

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