Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Ripple Ranch Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

At Ripple Ranch, we frequently use a form of therapy called Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to help clients build a life worth living. “A life worth living” is defined to be a life full of things that are meaningful to the patient -- spending quality time with friends and family, engaging in hobbies, developing talents, and other enjoyable activities. Our trained staff provides our patients with the skills and information necessary to reach their long-term goals concerning their addiction recovery, their ability to build meaningful relationships, their quality of life, and any other goals they have set for themselves.

What Is DBT and How Does it Work?

Dialectical refers to two things that seem to be opposites, but can both be the case at the same time. One of the main dialectics that DBT deals with is balancing acceptance with change. On the one hand, we are all trying our best and are okay with where our life is in this moment. On the other hand, we realize that we need to change the way we think, speak and act to enable us to live the life we want. The dialectic is that although we are accepting of our life, we realize that it could be better, and we want to work hard to live the life we really want.

Behavior refers to the choices we make that will determine what our life will be from this moment onward. Therapists work with clients to reach “target behaviors,” which are behaviors that patients want to increase or decrease to improve their behavior. Positive reinforcement is used to motivate patients to make the changes necessary to change their lives for the better and put themselves on the fast track to achieving their goals.

Therapy refers to the techniques used in DBT that make it unique and effective. For example, the trained therapists always strive to push their clients toward the clients’ long-term goals. They understand that change is difficult and requires patience, but they always urge the patients forward. DBT is a team activity, and both the therapist and the client must work together as equals to achieve success.

Providing DBT to Our Patients

We provide the full scope of DBT therapy to our patients, including:

  • Individual therapy. Here, we focus on changing behaviors and understanding the dialectics.
  • Skills groups. In these groups, patients learn new behavioral skills that will allow them to manage their emotions, communicate effectively, and other skills that will help them to live fulfilling lives.
  • 24/7 support. staff are available 24/7 for additional support

Benefits of DBT

  • More effective communication
  • Development of helpful life skills
  • Better emotional regulation
  • Greater focus on long-term goals and things that really matter
  • Understanding of dialectics and why it is important to accept one’s current life while continuing to strive for a better one
  • Improved attitude toward life and a greater focus on the things that make one happy

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The toughest part was made the greatest experience by Ms Sara Buckler. Her knowledge and her passion about recovery gave us peace that our family member would be in good hands. We are thankful for Ripple Ranch having outstanding staff and doing great things.

Gloria Beene

Wonderful staff. They are honestly vested in the recovery of the clients but also just simply care. I have no regrets for my stay.

Matt Mullican