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Holistic Modalities at Ripple Ranch

At Ripple Ranch Recovery Center, we understand that addiction affects almost every aspect of your life. From physical health to mental health, family relationships to emotional strength, the substances themselves and the patterns addicts develop when they are abusing those substances have adverse effects on everything they do. This is why we incorporate holistic modalities into our treatment program and addiction recovery curriculum.

What Are Holistic Modalities?

“Holism” is a philosophical theory stating that parts of a whole are intrinsically connected. This means that no part can exist without the whole, and no part can be understood without reference to the whole. In other words, everything is connected and in order to understand a part of something, one must look at the things it is connected to. 

In relation to medicine, more specifically addiction recovery, holism refers to the treating of a person as a whole. When medicine is approached holistically, mental, social and other factors are taken into account, rather than just the physical symptoms of an illness, addiction, or injury.

Using Holistic Modalities to Treat Our Patients

At Ripple Ranch, no part of healing is isolated from the others, and in order to ensure a complete and lasting recovery, all aspects of the addict’s life and wellness must be thought of, cared for and worked on. As we approach addiction recovery with our patients, we treat every aspect of wellness, including:

  • Addictions can harm the body in more ways than most people realize. The exact damages that addictions cause depend on the substances the addict is abusing, the severity of their addiction, how long they abused the substances, and more. Part of our recovery program involves performing physical evaluations of our patients, encouraging them to exercise in our fitness facility, preparing healthy meals for them, and prescribing medications that help to ease withdrawal symptoms and heal the body.
  • With substance abuse come damages to mental wellness. The negative effects that substance abuse can have on mental performance can be intense and lasting. Our therapists work together with our patients to discover the extent of the damage and do what needs to be done to heal the damages that were caused.
  • Most addictions emerge from an addict’s desire to escape from their emotions. Substance abuse provides a short-term relief from intense emotions, but it ultimately makes the addict more emotionally unstable and weakens their ability to cope with emotions in healthy ways.
  • Spirituality is a large part of people’s lives and a large part of most addiction recovery programs. Because an addict’s addiction usually causes them to act in ways that are not in harmony with their spiritual beliefs, they may feel guilt and self-resentment for their actions. Our trained therapists work together with our patients to help them realign their thoughts and actions with their core beliefs and rid themselves of the guilt and resentment they feel.
  • An addict’s social habits change a lot while they are abusing substances. Not only do their social mannerisms change, but they start to spend time with people who share their same destructive interests. We help them break the connections with people who would drag them back into addiction, replace those negative relationships with healthy relationships, and redevelop any social skills they may have lost due to their addictions.

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Wonderful staff. They are honestly vested in the recovery of the clients but also just simply care. I have no regrets for my stay.

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I am so grateful for Sara Buckler and the dedication she has to her profession. She is willing to go above and beyond for her clients, always available and so compassionate. Thank you Sara!!

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