Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-Informed Care at Ripple Ranch

Of the many approaches that we take to address substance abuse addictions at our Ripple Ranch treatment center, one of the most important and effective is a trauma-informed approach. A clear understanding of trauma and the effect it can have on people allows us to view addiction from a more informed perspective and provide direct and adequate treatment to victims of substance abuse addiction.

What Is Trauma-Informed Care?

Trauma-informed care is a holistic approach that takes into account a person’s past trauma and the effect it has on their current mindset and behavior. In other words, trauma-informed care is a method of dealing with the root causes of issues instead of just the symptoms.

Systems without trauma sensitivity training can be compared to a homeowner who notices that water is dripping from their living room ceiling and attempts to solve the problem by placing a bucket under the leak and patching the hole in the ceiling. While this does temporarily fix the visible symptoms and give the appearance of solving the problem, it doesn’t provide an effective long-term solution.

On the other hand, systems that use trauma-informed care can be likened to that same homeowner noticing the leak, taking the same steps to temporarily fix the symptoms of the problem, and then hiring a roofing company to find and repair the hole in the roof that allowed the water to enter the house in the first place. Taking that extra step will make all the difference in the long run by actively preventing any future leaks from happening.

Trauma-Informed Approach to Addiction Recovery

From the perspective of substance abuse and addiction recovery, an effective trauma-informed approach is one that starts with acknowledging that people often abuse substances like drugs or alcohol as a result of trauma. Without this understanding, healthcare providers are not able to effectively help the addict conquer their addiction in the long run.

Much like the homeowner who only treated the symptoms of the leak, the addict’s use of substances to cope with their trauma does help the addict feel better, but only temporarily. However, it does not effectively solve the problem and only serves to make it worse by allowing the unresolved emotions to grow in intensity.

This is why it is so important to address and treat the underlying issues such as traumatic events that inspired the addict to begin abusing substances. Trauma-informed care is absolutely necessary to deliver holistic patient care and no long-term recovery is possible without it. Systems like our Ripple Ranch recovery center that use trauma-informed care: 

  • Focus on improving total wellness rather than simply treating the symptoms of addiction
  • Provide more effective short- and long-term treatments for addiction
  • Help the addict, as well as their friends and families, better understand the addict’s behavior and how it was influenced by trauma
  • Teach the addict how to cope with their past traumas without abusing harmful substances
  • Provide the foundation for a complete and lasting addiction recovery

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This facility is amazing! The staff is one of the most caring group of people I have ever met and I repeatedly hear the clients state that they are being given the tools they need to recover and live sober lives.

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Love the clinical staff! Sara is the most amazing admissions director I’ve ever dealt with ❤️ Small and intimate and lots of individualized attention!

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