A Day in the Life at Ripple Ranch

Every morning here at Ripple Ranch will begin relatively the same. The ability to rely on a calm morning routine is essential, we feel. Every morning you are welcome to wake up at your own time before breakfast and begin your day. During this time you may ready yourself physically as well as ready your bedroom to begin the days activities. You are welcome to get in a morning workout or simply drink some coffee and sit outside or perhaps catch up on some journaling or reading. The first few days you are here you may be a bit uncertain as to how you want to begin your day but you will soon develop a routine that will fit you and your personality best. 

During the weekdays, breakfast will always begin at 8am in our Client dining area. There you will be served a different meal every weekday that can be tailored to any food allergies or preferences. You have full access to the chef before and during your meal to express any preferences or ask any questions about the day’s meals. We want your dining experience here to be as pleasant and nutritious as possible so please feel free to speak to our chefs about any concerns.

Once at breakfast, all Clients will dine together where at least one person will read a new passage from a recovery specific book. Each passage should help offer insight, motivation and helpful words to think about throughout your day. Once the short passage has been read and everyone has had a moment to process or make any comments they wish to share, all Clients will then share what we call their 3 G’s with everyone. This is where you have a moment to reflect and state what you have set as a goal for yourself that specific day, what you are grateful for on that day, and what is good about that day so far. By externalizing and sharing with others what you are feeling and what your goals are we hope that you will be able to hold yourself more accountable in reaching that goal and even assisting other Clients in remembering and reaching their goals. This also allows staff to get a better understanding of how you are feeling and will allow us to hopefully help you have the best day possible and reach your goals as well.

Once you have finished breakfast you will typically have an additional 30 minutes or so before your first group or individual session of the day begins. This will allow you any extra time you may need to ready yourself for the day or simply have a relaxing period to catch up with fellow Clients. Typically, your first group or individual session will begin at or around 9am and most groups and sessions are held in a separate building a short walk away from the main housing area. Every morning during the week will begin with a different group. The first group session of the day is designed to help get you going and be ready for the rest of the day. Some examples are Yoga or Tai Chi as well as classes that focus on mindfulness. Don’t worry if you have never tried either of those before as our instructors are excellent at educating you about the practice and help to tailor your session to fit your knowledge and abilities. Once your first session of the day is complete you will have a brief break where you can socialize or attend to any personal needs. After your break, you will have another group session or individual session that will vary on topics throughout the week. This schedule will continue until it is time for lunch.

We serve lunch at noon and just as with breakfast it will always be a different meal every day of the week. There you will have time to yourself to enjoy your meal, socialize with fellow Clients and relax. You are given a minimum of an hour to enjoy your mealtime and process what you have learned and discussed for the day. Sometime around 1pm or shortly after, you will begin groups or individual sessions again. Depending on what day of the week it is you may have more groups or sessions than others after lunch. For example, on Mondays, supervised groups are free to go off the campus for a predetermined period of time to get pampered with a hair treatment or spa treatment such as a manicure or pedicure. Or perhaps if it is Friday the supervised group would be going off-campus to attend to any personal shopping needs where they are free to purchase toiletries, snacks or maybe clothing items. We also have a set day every week where we will take you to purchase any nicotine products you may need if that is something you desire. We do everything we can to make sure every week you get a chance to have your personal needs met and get plenty of time to care for yourself. 

After you arrive back at Ripple Ranch from your outing you will usually get a bit of time to yourself and to prepare for your next group. While we want to make sure your day is full of learning and recovery centered sessions we also want you to feel relaxed and have plenty of necessary time throughout the day to attend to your needs so there is never a rushed feel. In our efforts to assist you, we do offer additional services depending on what day of the week it is to help you in feeling centered and relaxed. On certain days of the week, you are welcome to take part in offerings such as Reiki.

Once you have finished up a few more groups or returned from any outings, we will have dinner at 6pm nightly. As with all other meals, your dinner will be unique every night and can be tailored to suit your needs. During your mealtime, you will have a chance to recount your morning goals you had set for yourself and see if your specific goal was reached. Once you have finished your meal you will have time to yourself that you may use as you see fit. Depending on what day of the week it is there may be an additional group to attend after dinner or there may be a recovery centered meeting off-campus at an outside location. Every night you will finish up with a final group consisting of a form of meditation to help you with relaxation and to center yourself or simply reflect on all that you have learned during the day. You will then have downtime where you may spend your time however you wish. Some of your options during downtime consist of playing one of the many games we have on-site such as table tennis, or puzzles. We also have a swimming pool or many miles of hiking trails to keep you active and healthy if that is what you prefer. Of course, you can always spend the evening simply watching a movie with other Clients or relaxing by yourself. Every evening we ask that you retire to your bedrooms no later than 11pm so that you may get all the rest your mind and body needs so that you may be at your best the next morning.

Overall, we do our best to make sure our daily programming is different than the previous one so that you may learn and gain as much as possible during your time with us but all while keeping a familiar schedule that you can easily rely on.

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I really enjoyed my experience at Ripple. I really appreciated the approach and the attention from the staff. Being part of a smaller group made things much easier for me.

Eric Williams

Love the clinical staff! Sara is the most amazing admissions director I’ve ever dealt with ❤️ Small and intimate and lots of individualized attention!

Grant Hanson