Gender-Specific Treatment

Gender-Specific Treatment at Taos Recovery Center

Taos Recovery Center is created specifically to treat men with addiction. We understand that there are plenty of factors that necessitate a unique and personalized approach to addiction recovery, and a huge one of those factors is the gender of the patient. This is because men and women have some different ways that they experience the behavioral disease of addiction. We focus on some of these different ways to use them for our advantage, and for the benefit of our patients.

How Addiction Impacts Genders, Differently

Gender-specific treatment can have a profound impact on a patient’s individual experience, and whether or not treatment is going to be successful for them. There are several key aspects of a man’s experience with addiction that make this so:

  • Men become dependent on substances at a higher clip than women.
  • Men need to use more of a substance to get the same effect, on average.
  • Men have a higher relapse rate than women.
  • The reasons for relapse differ greatly, depending on the gender of the addict.

How Our Treatment Caters to Men

There are two main reasons that male-focused treatment at Taos Recovery Center provides a benefit for the therapy we give the men in our care:

  • It's easier for men to be around other men, when discussing their thoughts and feelings about their experiences. Difficult topics, such as emotions, relationships, desires, fears, and sex, can be a lot easier to discuss when in the presence of someone of your own gender.
  • There is less of an expectation to display specific traits of masculinity when men are just around other men. This makes it easier to be honest and make lasting progress in treatment.

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I absolutely loved this place and very grateful for my experience here. The therapy is top notch and the staff makes you feel welcome from the Director to the Grounds Keeper. They keep you busy with activities and structure schedule to keep you busy and teach you the tools for life after recovery. I made great memories and friends I now call my Brothers.

After several stints in rehab facilities all over the country, Shadow Mountain Recovery is the only place my son got the kind of help he needed to begin the process of self motivation toward permanent sobriety. The work they did seems to have set him on the road to self discovery. His mom and I thank you with all sincerity!

Randy Hooker