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Life Skills Training at Taos Recovery Center

Addiction often takes a toll on a person’s ability to do everyday tasks that come easy to most. Even though there are functional addicts who hold a job and pay their bills, the reality is that substance abuse typically takes a toll on the ability to be a well-rounded person. Because of this, Taos Recovery Center takes a great deal of pride in offering a life skills training program that addresses the need to build better habits and ethics in everyday life. Learn more about our life skills training program, below!

What Life Skills Training Entails

Addiction recovery isn’t just about trying to get somebody to stop using illicit substances. It’s about focusing on building a better personal foundation that makes it easier to maintain that sobriety for a lifetime. Life skills training helps create that personal foundation by giving our clients a higher level of confidence and self-esteem in what they are doing.

When partaking of our life skills training program, our patients will learn to focus on the following aspects:

  • Living healthier lifestyles, which includes careful dieting, embracing physical activity, and practicing better hygiene.
  • Creating stability by following a specific routine that is built to bring out their best habits, and prevent cravings that could lead to relapse.
  • Fixing and maintaining crucial relationships with friends and family by learning better communication skills.
  • Financial planning skills that make budgeting and holding down a job, easier. Establishing financial stability helps make certain parts of the recovery process a lot easier.
  • Managing their medication, which may be essential in maintaining sobriety during the early stages of recovery.

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After several stints in rehab facilities all over the country, Shadow Mountain Recovery is the only place my son got the kind of help he needed to begin the process of self motivation toward permanent sobriety. The work they did seems to have set him on the road to self discovery. His mom and I thank you with all sincerity!

Randy Hooker

I absolutely loved this place and very grateful for my experience here. The therapy is top notch and the staff makes you feel welcome from the Director to the Grounds Keeper. They keep you busy with activities and structure schedule to keep you busy and teach you the tools for life after recovery. I made great memories and friends I now call my Brothers.