Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment at Taos Recovery Center

Various medications exist today that can help addicts heal from the mental and physical effects of addiction. This is called medication-assisted treatment, or MAT. MAT is just one way that Taos Recovery Center helps our patients in New Mexico overcome the trials of substance abuse. Learn more about our medication treatment program, below!

What Recovery Medication Helps With

The specific medications that we use varies on the type and intensity of the addiction. The effects of these medications helps with several facets of addiction recovery, including the following:

  • Reduces the risk of relapse by reducing the effect of cravings.
  • Helps patients get better sleep.
  • Is mood-regulating, preventing overreactions.
  • Helps patients keep a clear head.
  • Reduces the impact of co-occurring mental disorders, such as anxiety or depression. 

What to Know About MAT

There are some significant misconceptions about medication-assisted treatment that we want our patients to know. Firstly, MAT is not a suitable replacement for other types of treatment methods, such as advanced therapy and personal development. It is only a supplementative tool that can lessen the hold of particular substances.

Secondly, MAT may not be the right option for each addict that we treat. Our trained staff take great care to examine each case, carefully, to determine whether medication is right for a particular patient.

Thirdly, MAT isn’t a final step in treatment. It is more of an intermediary step to safely transition an addict from the physical dependence of particularly harmful substances. During treatment, patients who undergo MAT at Taos Recovery Center will also undergo various therapeutic and educational modalities.

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If you have any questions about how we utilize medication at Taos Recovery Center, then please don’t hesitate to give our helpful team a call, today! By reaching out for help, we can build an addiction-free New Mexico.

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I absolutely loved this place and very grateful for my experience here. The therapy is top notch and the staff makes you feel welcome from the Director to the Grounds Keeper. They keep you busy with activities and structure schedule to keep you busy and teach you the tools for life after recovery. I made great memories and friends I now call my Brothers.

Shadow mountain offered the support, wisdom and guidance my son needed and when he asked. My son is back...20 months sober...strong, clear and commited. Big love to all those who loved my son back to health. Jane

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