Program Features

Taos Recovery Center Program Features

Our residential addiction rehab in Taos is specially designed to provide a unique holistic alternative to a more traditional 12-step program. Many of our patients who come to us have previously experienced setbacks in their recovery journey, often due to the 12-step recovery program model. Shadow Mountain's program is different, and emphasizes on a holistic approach, intensive focus on the family, and evidence-based treatment modalities that help you build a foundation for a life of freedom from addiction.

Our Treatment Philosophy

Here at Shadow Mountain Taos, we believe that one of the most important ways to treat addiction is to do so holistically, which incorporates care for the body, mind, spirit, and heart. Our therapeutic technologies utilize evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy, in order to correct harmful thought patterns.

As is consistent with all Shadow Mountain recovery programs, Taos also features a family program that helps empower your loved ones to support your ongoing recovery. In addition, we employ a medically assisted treatment and case management that helps our patients transition effectively from their time in our residential care to a long-term recovery.

Treatment Modalities

You can learn more about our treatment modalities that are employed at Shadow Mountain Taos by clicking on the links below:

Care Customized To Your Needs

The above treatment modalities provide the framework for our treatment programs, but that’s just what it is. A framework. We understand that each patient that comes to us will be different, and so we modify our treatment plans based on each individual and the challenges that they face.

Upon entering Taos Recovery Center, you will be greeted by our team. We’ll show you around the facility, and give you an orientation tour to help you feel at home among our residential Taos treatment center. During the beginning of your admissions process, we’ll take a thorough medical history to ensure that we know of any medications, mental or physical health challenges, and your history of substance use and abuse. Within those first 24 hours with us, you'll sit down for a consultation with one of our clinicians. From there, we will determine what your goals, objectives, and areas of focus should be while you are at Shadow Mountain. Most of our treatment plans are based around a 30 day model, we are happy to modify this plan to meet the needs of each individual patient.

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Because SMR was founded by the parents of a young man in recovery it works with the whole family to achieve long term sobriety. The communication with parents truly sets SMR apart from other rehab homes.

Linda Brown

I went to Shadow Mountain Rehab to address my issues with alcoholism and addiction. After realizing that for years I had been a functional addict I thought quitting or curbing this addiction would be easy but this disease is not so simple. Making the decision to go to Shadow Mountain Recovery in Taos, NM did not come lightly but I did understatement how much personal effort I would be putting in. 30 days doesn't solve everything but it does give you a chance to at least take stock of all that's going on in your life. Drinking and Drugs are just a symptom of something deeper and unique to each individual addressing their issues. This program gave me the tools and support to truly begin the process of addressing addiction, searching within and finding myself. I am 2 months sober now and my journey that began in the mountains of Taos goes on but the journey has definitely been made easier by what I learned in recovery. Sobriety is possible & if you work it guess what, it can work!