Medication-Assisted Treatment

What Is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is a process of using medications to help reduce the chances of relapse for someone who is working to overcome a substance abuse addiction. A member of our team of licensed medical professionals works with every client and prescribes them FDA-approved medications to take that will help them face common challenges along the road to recovery. Some of the benefits that these medications provide include: 

  • Reducing cravings
  • Aiding with sleep
  • Controlling mood
  • Providing greater mental clarity
  • Preventing or treating anxiety and depression 

When MAT is used in tandem with other evidence-based treatment methods, it has been shown to be effective in helping recovering addicts make lasting positive changes in their lives and increase their chances of reaching lifelong recovery.

Providing Medication-Assisted Treatment at Our Treatment Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Medication-Assisted Treatment has been shown to help patients reduce their cravings, sleep better, control their mood, think more clearly, and overcome anxiety and depression. This is why we have incorporated MAT into our treatment program at Shadow Mountain Recovery Center. When our patients enroll in our program, they work with a licensed medical professional to:

  • Adequately diagnose their substance abuse disorder
  • Determine the severity and details of their addiction
  • Determine whether or not MAT is the best path to recovery for them 

If the staff at our treatment center in Albuquerque decides that MAT would be the best option for a patient, they will prescribe medication(s) and administer them as they see fit. Under direct supervision, the patient will take the medication(s) and keep working with our staff to use MAT and other treatment options to progress along the path to recovery.

Important Information About Medication-Assisted Treatment

  • MAT is not simply replacing one addiction with another. The medications used in MAT are used in moderation under direct supervision.
  • MAT is not the best treatment option for everybody. Our trained staff will work with every individual client to assess their needs and determine whether or not MAT is the best option for them.
  • MAT is not the end of treatment. While it can help in the recovery process, it is not the only treatment method needed to achieve long-term recovery. MAT is most effective when used in tandem with education, evidence-based behavioral therapies, relapse prevention programs, and other treatment methods

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Shadow Mountain is a unique place. It’s location in the middle of a canyon is matched to no other. The atmosphere is very unique (in a good way). The mentors do a excellent job at menotoring, and Kasey (runs the place) is very good at what she does. Every Friday you go to a meeting then go out to eat. On saturdays you either hike, or do team building excersises. On sundays in the winter everyone goes up to Taos Ski Valley and either hang out and play cards, snowboard, or ski. This provides a nice break from the day to day grind. I find myself missing the atmosphere at times. If you’re willing to put the work into you’re recovery this place will help you and give you the tools you need. Shadow Mountain provides family oriented counseling. For some people this is what they need, and for some it is not. I’m giving this place 4 stars. The reason why I’m not giving it 5 is because of one counselor I didn’t see eye to eye with, who was initially running the place when I first got there. She shouldn’t have been running the place. There was no reasoning with her. Thankfully the higher ups understood that as well and brought in Kasey. Once Kasey started running the place, I found myself enjoying every bit of it.

Jon V.

I thought I lost an old friend from high school to addiction, I won't mention his name but he is a completely different person now. As much as I tried to help him, I never could. Almost a decade after we were in school together, he sought help through Shadow Mountain Recovery. To be honest, I always had doubts about rehab programs. Shadow Mountain proved me wrong when it comes to my friend. He is truly back to the person I have always respected so much. I can honestly say that if you know someone that is stuck in an addiction, this is the place that can help.

David Greenfield