Bath Salts Detox Treatment

Bath Salts Detox Treatment

In the United States, among the most deadly drugs that are increasing in popularity are bath salts – not like the kind that you would use in your bath, like Calgon or Epsom Salt. Instead, these bath salts are street drugs that are sold at truck stops and corner markets legally. There are several streets that have actually placed a ban on the drug, but they can still be obtained.

What Exactly Are Bath Salts (Synthetic Cathinones)?

Bath salts are similar to cocaine in that they come in small-sized packages and are a powder of off-white, white or yellowish color. Bath salts are commonly referred to on the street as Hurricane Charlie, Vanilla Sky, Ivory Wave, White Knight, Bliss and Purple Wave. The drug itself consists of a variety of synthetic stimulants, such as mephedrone, MDPV and methylone. The drug is called bath salts so that it can be legally sold.

Effects, Signs, and Symptoms of Bath Salts Overuse

Bath salts can be snorted, injected, mixed with food and drinks or smoked. Users report that they feel so good after taking the drug that they crave it. When taken excessively, bath salts can be very toxic to your body and can cause both physical and mental damage. The side effects are dangerous, and more individuals are experiencing them. One of the most troubling and dangerous side effects from using bath salts is extreme psychosis, which can lead to the user committing suicide. It isn’t uncommon to experience hallucinations, paranoia and delusions – all of which can lead the user to making long-lasting mistakes, including terrible acts of violence and suicide. In addition, users can experience aggression, agitation, muscle damage, high blood pressure, chest pains, and kidney failure.

Bath Salts Addiction Treatment and Rehab

The good news is that there aren’t really any specific withdrawal symptoms when you stop using bath salts. However, you can still opt for inpatient or outpatient services when you pursue bath salts detox treatment. If you choose outpatient, you’ll simply check in with your doctor at the clinic and receive a prescription for medication that will help you stop using bath salts. This will allow you to continue on your with your life as normal.

For inpatient, things are different. You will stay in a medical facility while you detox from the drug use. IV therapy is very common in inpatient medical detox as it the medication in the IV can be altered as needed to cope with the withdrawal symptoms – if any – that are experienced. This ensures comfort and increases success with the therapy.

If you have been misusing bath salts, there is no time like the present to get help. At Shadow Mountain Recovery, we can help you detox from bath salts and help you set yourself up for a future free from drug use.

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