Drug Detox and Withdrawals: 7 Things You Must Know

Drug Detox and Withdrawals: 7 Things You Must Know

  • June 20, 2018

Many people do not realize it; however, before you can enter into a drug rehabilitation program, you need to go through a drug detoxification process. Why you may ask? Well, it’s simple. If the toxins from the drugs that you have been taken have not been completely removed from your body, then you will be unable to received adequate treatment and thorough counseling. Luckily, that’s exactly what you received with drug detox. With the drug detoxification, your body will expel all the harmful elements that the drugs put into your system. Here are a few things you should know about drug detox and withdrawals:

  1. Drug detoxification is not a process that can work alone. As previously mentioned, it is only one part of a process – a process that breaks the drug addiction process.
  2. It is important that drug detox occurs under the supervision of a medical professional. This is because there are withdrawal symptoms that can occur. Some are minor, but some can be severe, depending on the drug that the individual was using. Medical supervision offers a “safe place” and also reduces the risk of relapse.
  3. Detox isn’t easy. Your body is definitely going to crave the drug that you’ve previously been taking. This can lead to the previously-mentioned withdrawal systems as well as potentially self-destructive behaviors.
  4. The times for the detoxification process will vary. Every single individual is different. However, as a general rule, the process will take somewhere between two and three days. It usually depends on the drug that was used as well as the intensity and length of use.
  5. In the event that you choose to use drugs again after completing the detoxification process, there is a good chance that you will have a greater tolerance to the drug. The same is true for an increased dependence on the drug.
  6. Drug detox programs will protect your privacy at all costs. When you make the decision to enter into a detoxification program, it isn’t uncommon for you to display unfamiliar behaviors that you may not necessarily want other individuals to see. For that reason, in addition to receiving adequate medical care, a quality and recognized drug detox program offers full and complete privacy throughout the entire process.
  7. For some individuals, it may take a few tries to complete the entire detoxification process. Although some people are able, not everyone can complete the drug detox on the very first try. If this ends up being you, don’t allow yourself to get discouraged. As long as you are committed to turning your life around and making the lifestyle change, you need to attempt the drug detox program again so that you can continue the rehab process.

University Park Behavioral Health knows the potential rigors of the drug detoxification process and the withdrawal symptoms associated with it. We have staff members ready to step up, take charge and work with you to help you get through this incredibly difficult time of your life and help you move on to the next part of your drug rehabilitation program.

University Park Behavioral Health offers you an incredibly safe place to experience drug detox. We know the symptoms that you may experience with all types of drugs and we can help you prepare for them. We understand that this is a tough process, but we also know that it is a crucial one. We are experts at this and no one can help you through it the way that we can.

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