Darvon Detox Treatment

Darvon Detox Treatment

Darvon and any medications that contained the active ingredient propoxyphene was removed from the market by the FDA back in 2010. This is because of the fact that the ingredient had been linked to a significant number of deaths. While the ingredient provided certain benefits, they were nothing compared to the risks involved with taking the drug.

What Exactly Is Darvon?

Darvon is a mild opiate narcotic pain medication. It has been used to treat restless leg syndrome and has even been utilized as an anesthetic. When a person is dependent on opiates, Darvon has been used to help deal with the withdrawal symptoms. However, a dependency on Darvon can be developed, which is why a medical detox is often necessary.

Darvon Misuse Signs and Symptoms

Darvon side effects typically include vomiting, nausea, dizziness, constipation, drowsiness, confusion, agitation, loss of consciousness, severe abdominal pain, seizures and irregular heartbeat. Dependency on Darvon can lead to both physical and psychological effects. It has the ability to restrict the user’s breathing, especially in those who have respiratory issues. Impaired function and judgment is also common, which can impact one’s ability to properly operate machinery.

Large doses of Darvon can lead to overdose and death. When taken with alcohol as well as medications, particularly allergy medicines, the sedation effect can be enhanced. As a result, this can cause the user to go into a come or even experience fatal injuries. This is because it reduces cognitive function and decreases breathing.

Darvon Medical Detox Treatment

The withdrawal symptoms that are associated with Darvon overuse can include a number of things, including sweating, anxiety, agitation, tremors, restlessness, insomnia and hallucinations. These symptoms are obviously uncomfortable and relatively agonizing. For that reason, outpatient or inpatient medical detox is recommended. Outpatient will have you check in with a physician on a regular basis to receive medication to help you pursue the detox treatment at home. However, with inpatient detox, you will be able to go through with the treatment under supervision and have the option for IV therapy, which can allow your withdrawal medication be adjusted as often as necessary based on the symptoms, pain and discomfort that you are feeling. Inpatient services allow for people to get the rest that is needed to fully deal with the detox process and to recuperate from the withdrawal.

At Shadow Mountain Recovery, we don’t only recommend that you come to us for the Darvon medical detox treatment, but we encourage you to enroll in a program with us that will help you understand that drugs are a choice. We help teach you habits that will help change your lifestyle and behaviors when you leave the hospital and the detox process is complete. These habits will significantly increase the chances of you misusing Darvon ever again.

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