Demerol Detox Treatment

What Exactly Is Demerol?

Demerol is a narcotic pain medication that is similar to that of morphine. When it takes a person’s pain away, it replaces it with a sensation of overjoy. Extended use of the drug can result in the user wanting more of the medication in order to achieve the same euphoria sensation. This can easily result in physical and psychological dependency. Individuals who have COPD, emphysema or any other type of respiratory condition will often have difficulty breathing when using Demerol.

Demerol can be taken orally as well as by other methods, such as injection. When the drug is chewed, crushed, snorted or injected, there is a higher risk of dependency. Permanent damage to the body’s central nervous system can occur when Demerol is taken for long periods of time and is combined with other drugs and alcohol.

Signs and Symptoms of the Misuse of Demerol

Aside from the risk of dependency, excessive use of Demerol can result in serious side effects, which include constipation, vomiting, nausea, dry mouth, lightheadedness, drowsiness, fluid retention, depression, hallucinations, increased heart rate and convulsions.

It is not recommended to go cold turkey when trying to stop taking Demerol. This is because the withdrawal symptoms are so severe. These symptoms can begin to appear within just hours of taking your last dose. These symptoms include vomiting, hot/cold flashes, body aches, chills, jerking movement of extremities, pale and clammy skin, sweating, dehydration, severe anxiety, convulsions and suicidal tendencies. If a user’s heart rate increases, it can cause high blood pressure, which can then lead to heart attack, stroke and even blood clots.

Demerol Medical Detox Treatment

There are several different options for those who are interested in medical detox treatment from the use of Demerol. The first option is in an outpatient setting where users continue their day-to-day lives, visit the doctor regularly for check-ups and reporting, and receive medication to help manage the withdrawal symptoms experienced. Users are not heavily monitored, which can lead to the user failing to complete the detox treatment and to start using Demerol again. While it is true that the outpatient setting works for some, because of the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms that are typically endured during the detox therapy, inpatient detox is another option.

Inpatient detox treatment takes place in a private facility or hospital and usually lasts somewhere between seven to 10 days. The time varies from one person to the next, but it allows for the person to take time away from the stresses of their normally lives, get some much-needed rest and fully detox from the drug. One of the most common, effective and safest ways to deal with the withdrawal symptoms in an inpatient setting is with IV therapy.

After the medical detox treatment for Demerol is complete, users may want to consider an educational program that will help them understand that lifestyle choices can be changed so that they can lead a Demerol-free life permanently. Shadow Mountain Recovery can help patients detox from Demerol and achieve long-term success without the use of it or any other type of drug.

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