How To Know If You’re Truly An Addict

Individuals who excessively use alcohol or drugs tend to wonder, How do I truly know whether I am an addict? In some instances, they are experiencing harmful side effects of their abuse. In other instances, family or friends have been warning them about their substance abuse addiction.

Maybe this is a situation that you are currently facing as well, and you would like to know the answer to this all-important question.

Are You Truly an Addict?

Ultimately, the most effective way to determine if you’re truly an addict is to speak with a professional regarding your individual symptoms. It is difficult to provide an answer without knowing you as an individual. There are various levels of substance abuse. You may be individually participating in some of the behaviors that indicate substance abuse. Alternatively, you may be exhibiting some of the symptoms of alcohol or drug addiction. The most effective way to know, though, is to understand the signs of addiction.

Physical Signs of Alcohol or Drug Addiction

Some of the most common physical signs of alcohol or drug addiction may include:

  • You may often feel fatigued throughout the day
  • You may have difficulty sleeping through the night
  • You may feel odd once the substances begin to wear off
  • You may experiences signs of anxiety of depression
  • You may have shaky hands
  • You may have bloodshot eyes
  • You may get bloody noses
  • You may experience bad breath
  • You may have a decreased appetite
  • You may be gaining or losing weight
  • You may slur your speech

Keep in mind that all of the aforementioned addiction signs do not have to be present in order for you to be addicted.

Behavioral Signs of Drug or Alcohol Addiction

In some cases, it may be easier to tell that you have an addiction by examining your behaviors. Here is a look at some of the common behavioral signs of addiction. These may include:

  • Developing a tolerance for how much substance is used
  • Feeling as if you want to stop using but aren’t able to
  • Going to several doctors to get prescriptions (aka doctor shopping)
  • Spending a significant amount of time thinking about the abused substance
  • Being unable to quit using despite having medical issues
  • Using more frequently than you mean to
  • Having issues maintaining responsibilities
  • Losing interest in favorite activities
  • Being informed you have an addiction and require alcohol or drug rehabilitation
  • Borrowing or stealing money to pay for alcohol or drugs
  • Spending time with individuals who use or abuse substances
  • Keeping your substance abuse a secret

If the aforementioned behaviors sound like something you do, then there is the possibility that you do in fact have an addiction.

It is incredibly important that you obtain addiction treatment if you are addicted or drugs or alcohol. If you are still uncertain, you can reach out to our counselors at Shadow Mountain Recovery for a personal assessment.

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