Joint Commission Accreditation

What Does It Mean For Addiction Treatment Centers To Be Accredited By the Joint Commission?

For health care facilities, there are two accrediting bodies: the Joint Commission (TJC) and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). The TJC is a nonprofit organization and the largest accreditor of health care services in the nation for over 100 various medical specialties. The CARF is also a nonprofit organization and the largest accreditor for various addiction treatment programs.

Shadow Mountain Recovery has been accredited by The Joint Commission. A national survey that was conducted reported that fewer than 20 percent of drug and alcohol detox centers are accredited by The Joint Commission, roughly 22 percent are accredited by the CARF, and nearly 57 percent have no accreditation status at all.

Accreditation is an additional step that many alcohol and drug detox centers will take to ensure a higher quality of care for their patients. It is a symbol of excellence and a higher standard of care than what is required or expected.

Don’t confuse accreditation with state licensing, as the two are completely different. Accreditation is an additional set of guidelines that must be followed and shows that the center has a deep commitment to overall quality. State licensing is generally the minimum requirements that a center must have to open the business, while accreditation is referred to as additional requirements that the state may accept to be licensed.

How To Receive Accreditation from TJC

In order to become accredited with the TJC, Shadow Mountain Recovery had to undergo intense inspection of all policies and procedures in how patients are treated. The way the medical staff and employees are recruited, chosen, and trained was also under scrutiny, in addition to the management of the treatment center. In addition, the TJC examined the facility itself to ensure that any existing structural issues with the equipment and building could be addressed and to ensure that the buildings were up to code.

Why You Should Select an Alcohol or Drug Treatment Center Accredited by TJC

Committing to excellence means that you must put in the additional effort and work to be excellent. When an alcohol or drug detox treatment center has received its accreditation status, it means that they have chosen to be among the best in the country. They have chosen to go that extra mile for their patients—like you—when they come in and receive treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

This is important because there are some cases when alcohol or drug rehab can become fatal. In severe cases like these, it is important to have qualified staff on duty 24/7/365 who can notice that things are going downhill and can perform life-saving measures.

Shadow Mountain Recovery, which is accredited by the TJC, has for all intents and purposes taken a vow to assist you and go that extra mile in order to do so. As soon as you check in to Shadow Mountain Recovery, you have a complete medical staff who are experienced and expertly trained, but they are also Good Samaritans. They treat you medically to ensure that you come out of the rehab ready to tackle a life of sobriety full force, but they also treat you as if you have value and a purpose in life.

Here at Shadow Mountain Recovery, it meant a lot to us to receive that accreditation from the Joint Commission, and it means a lot to us to keep it.

Why It’s So Important to Be An Accredited Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

There are many benefits for Shadow Mountain Recovery that are associated with the Joint Commission accreditation status. These benefits are even transferred to you as our patient. Here are three of those great benefits:

  1. Accreditation Help Reduce the Overall Risk of Healthcare Errors

Everyone has heard the horror stories that are associated with healthcare-related errors that can lead to serious health-related problems later in life. With Shadow Mountain Recovery’s accreditation, this is something that you don’t have to worry about.

At some healthcare facilities, you need to make sure that there is a loved one there to ensure that the medical staff does everything that they should correctly. Well, this is because the facility hasn’t taken the appropriate steps to ensure medical errors don’t occur. When you have a loved one in a facility like this, you are constantly riddled with emotions, frustration, and even anger sometimes. Accreditation reduces situations like these from happening.

  1. Accreditation Helps Staff Members Develop Their Knowledge and Skills and Work Together Better

You have probably noticed that the staff’s professionalism at some facilities is poorly lacking and that they just don’t work together very well. This type of thing doesn’t happen at an accredited facility because the staff is always working towards a common goal—the success of the treatment program and the health of the patient. The staff members learn that they must put aside any differences that they have with one another in order to get things done.

  1. Accreditation Allows Treatment Centers to Receive Better Reimbursement from Insurance Companies

Drug or alcohol treatment facilities have a far better chance of getting better reimbursement from insurance companies when they are accredited. What does this mean for you as a patient? Well, it means that you could wind up paying less for your rehabilitation program, reducing your chances of having to take out that second mortgage on your home simply to fund your treatment (whew!).

How Does This Help You Once Your Drug or Alcohol Treatment Concludes

Accreditation essentially stands for excellence, and that excellence extends to you as a patient while you are at the facility. While you are a patient at Shadow Mountain Recovery, the excellence extends to you as our patient and it will be carried with you long after your treatment successfully concludes here. You will want to continue your excellent recovery progress, and your thoughts of relapse will be minimized—which is excellent!

To learn more about Shadow Mountain Recovery’s accreditation or the drug or alcohol addiction treatment programs that we offer here, give us a call today.

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