Life Skills Training

Life Skills Training to Fight Addiction

Addiction demands the full attention of someone who suffers from it. Because of this, while there are certainly functional addicts in the world, it is impossible to be a well-balanced person who is giving each facet of their life the attention that it deserves when you are struggling with addiction. As such, a major part of addiction recovery needs to address building up the life skills that help build stability in a person’s day-to-day existence. At Shadow Mountain Recovery, each of our recovery centers take into account the importance of life skills training, and have programs that help pass these useful skills onto our patients. Learn more about our life skills training programs below:

Becoming a More Complete Person

Life skills training is all about developing a more balanced person that each of our patients can be. This type of balance and personal completion gives our clients the confidence and self-esteem to better fight addiction and thrive in recovery. Here are the specific tenets of our life skills training program:

  • Social Skills: The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety, it’s connection. Improving a patient’s social skills is a major aspect of our life skills training program, which helps them have better self-esteem, deal with stress, and enables them to communicate their thoughts and emotions in a productive way.
  • Routine Management: Learning to build an effective daily routine is an underrated tool in addiction recovery, as a routine that you go through each day helps build stability in a life that has been made chaotic by addiction. Routine management is done through careful planning and the development of time management skills.
  • Personal Skills: The meat and potatoes of life skills training is the improvement of basic skills and activities that are crucial to living independently, in today’s world. This means learning to eat well, have better hygiene, budget, and do chores that improve your daily cleanliness.
  • Professional/Vocational Help: We help our patients discover what they are good at, and give them the personal skills to better seek out professional work when they are done with recovery, so that they can get rooted in financial stability.

Benefits of Life Skills Training

There are many benefits of using life skills training in an addiction recovery program. In our experience, here are some of the main advantages that this program gives our clients:

  • Helps people lead healthier lifestyles through better nutrition, hygiene, and active living, which leads to a healthier life physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • Helps patients get onto a routine that builds stability in their life, which reduces the risks of a relapse and enables them to fight powerful cravings.
  • Helps repair relationships with friends, family members, and significant others through the improvement of communication skills.
  • Improves the financial stability of a patient, as they’ll be able to hold down a job, easier, and will learn valuable skills that helps them thrive on the job market.
  • Improves medication management, which is so crucial in the addiction treatment process, as it negates the risks of further substance abuse in the future.


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