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Raul Noches, MA, LADAC, CADC, Executive Director

Raul Noches, MA, LADAC, CADC

Raul Noches has resided in Albuquerque, NM for approximately 14 years. He has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology and a Master of Arts degree in Psychology with Clinical specialization. He is currently pursuing a PsyD. in clinical Psychology with emphasis in neuroscience. He is the Executive Clinical Director at our Albuquerque, NM location.

Raul has worked independently with various government programs including the State of New Mexico, Drug Court, Native American behavioral health providers, and state/federal prison systems. He has earned significant clinical experience throughout his career that has led him to specialize in co-occurring disorders. His approach encompasses specific methodology based on scientific research in neuroscience and evidence based practices.

His approach addresses co-occurring disorders by focusing on promoting integral homeostasis. His current research is focused on; neuroplasticity, in particular promoting change in brain regions that possess established neural pathways, propagated by ascending somatosensory stimuli, initiated by a traumatic event. He hopes his research will help develop innovative therapy and treatment for PTSD and co-occurring patients in the near future.

Raul’s dedication to our population is evident in his administration of the delivery of our multifaceted services. He demonstrates emphasis on quality of care through assurance of specific and applicable provision of therapeutic interventions. He asserts person specific treatment planning and consistency in its execution. He also facilitates growth, expansion, and cooperation by connecting and collaborating with other community service providers that share mutual interests.

Lynne McLamb, Operations Manager

Lynne McLamb

Lynne McLamb is Shadow Mountain’s Operations Manager. Among other tasks, Lynne has dedicated the past two years to safeguarding quality of care. She continues working hard to improve operational procedures including the coordination of personal services, tracking resources, and balancing budgets to ensure financial disposition. 

Lynne is dedicated and passionate about providing a high quality of care to our clients. Her personal experience, having been a Shadow Mountain Recipient in 2014, has exponentially increased her desire to help others reach for recovery. Lynne has been exceptionally helpful in providing guidance with 12-step study, healing activities, and helping to coordinate other personal aspects of their process. Lynne believes that motivation to achieve sobriety increases with care, nurture, and love. Through observation of her work, it is evident that she possesses these and other qualities that promote, tranquility, serenity, and a sense of security within our population. This is felt by clients all across the center and creates a comfortable ambience, which influences treatment receptivity.  We are grateful for the experience she brings to our team!        

Kathy Young, LMHC, Lead Therapist

Kathy Young, LMHC

Kathy Young is originally from California and Arizona. She has three grown children and has devoted her time to working in the Mental Health and Addiction field. Kathy holds an LMHC and is devoted to continuing her quest to learn more about Trauma and Addiction and to pass on the value of living a life, substance free.

“It is my passion to live my life fully and to invite and encourage others to join me in sobriety, strength and freedom. I approach clients with the firm belief that they have strength and answers deep inside. It is my job to help reunite them with their inner strength. I am Person Centered and draw from many Modalities as well as my own passion for Neuroscience and how Trauma affects the brain and body. I find this line of education empowers the clients to understand themselves and their environment better, which, in turn, allows them to build a firm, sober foundation upon which they can build a healthy life.”

Roselyn Mitchell, Family Therapist

Roselyn Mitchell

Roselyn G. Mitchell is our family therapist at Shadow Mountain Recovery Center in Albuquerque, NM. She was born in Miami, Florida, in 1956. Roselyn graduated with a bachelor degree in Psychology, and a Master in Mental Health Counseling. For the past 25 years Roselyn has played an active role in the field of family studies and social services by addressing destructive youth behavior at the middle school level mental health, and drug and alcohol addiction. Roselyn has dedicated her life to working with troubled youth and their families, homeless individuals, and victims of substance abuse. Realizing that education is the key to success, Roselyn works to develop in others any dream can be achieved through hard work, continuous education, and positive motivation.

It has been Roselyn’s determination to reach out to troubled youth and help them accomplish dreams considered to be only figments of their imagination. By constructively decreasing negative behavior through restoring self-esteem and self-awareness, the STEP Method program she has developed and published, will help youth and families, gain the education and strength necessary to direct their loved ones toward a successful outcome.

Denise LeRouge, Lead Case Manager

Denise LeRouge

Denise LeRouge has had the opportunity to experience life in New Mexico and engage in its vastly diverse tenets. She possesses personal knowledge and experience about New Mexico’s culture, which makes her an asset in the development of her current position.   

Denise is our lead case manager at Shadow Mountain in Albuquerque. She began her career in the human services field approximately 15 years ago. Denise’s understanding about the different groups residing in New Mexico including the Hispanic, Native American, Anglo, and immigrant inhabitants, has motivated her to contour services to meet specific client needs. During her career time, in particularly working with the criminal justice system, Denise has also observed the lack of services, which directly affected recidivism rates. This observation led her to make personal changes in her career that contributed to her current position. Denise is passionate about helping our clients connect to essential services that contribute to their specific needs and successful outcomes.

In her spare time Denise enjoys spending time with her daughter and working on self-care. She is also currently working to complete her CPSW.

Teresa Morris, Case Manager

Teresa Morris

Teresa Morris is our case manager at Shadow Mountain recovery center in Albuquerque, NM. Teresa has brought forth a variety of positive attributes including knowledge about substance abuse form the cultural, social, and medical perspective. Teresa has worked in the field of addictions, counseling, and medical assisted treatment for over 5 years. During this time she has worked in therapeutic environments in a social services, case manager, and counselor capacity. She possesses extensive intervention experience in both individual and group counseling. 

Teresa grew up in Los Lunas, NM. Her observations during her time in this community led her to direct her studies toward the field of psychology and counseling. Teresa worked very hard on her goals and completed a Bachelor in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Counseling. Today, Teresa is currently working toward independent licensure and has committed to continuing her work in the Albuquerque area.

JBob Atkinson, Director of Nursing

JBob Atkinson

For the past 30 years, JBob has had a passion for helping others in his career as a Registered Nurse. “I have always enjoyed coming to work and seeing how I might create positive change in someone else's life”. For the first 20 years of his career JBob worked in ICU and Emergency Medicine. In addition,  he spent 15 years working as a Helicopter Flight RN in the greater Los Angeles/San Francisco areas.  

JBob has a very good understanding of the dynamics, challenges, and adversities regarding addiction, having experienced these struggles first hand. JBob’s personal experience with treatment and the transformative power of the 12 steps shape his leadership principles today. As a former Client and Alumnus of Detox and Residential Treatment, JBob is very happy and at peace with himself, following a daily path of Recovery and giving back to those still suffering. 

JBob enjoys Weightlifting, Fishing, being outdoors with nature, spending time with family, and cruising on his Harley.  

Jeremy Lihte, Director of Community Relations

Jeremy Lihte

Jeremy Lihte grew up in New Mexico and has just recently returned after devoting the past decade of his life to working in the substance abuse recovery industry around the country. He has worked to support and develop addiction treatment centers in; California, Nevada, Colorado, Indiana, and Michigan.

Jeremy has spent his years in the field working in many roles. His experience spans from working in; admissions, interventions, marketing, video production and assisting in the day to day operations of substance abuse centers. 

Today, Jeremy is the Director of Community Relations for Shadow Mountain Recovery and the founder of “New Mexico Leaders in Recovery”. His goal in this organization is not to only expand and promote our services, but to bring together all members of the substance abuse and mental health community in New Mexico and beyond, hoping to enable every New Mexican to succeed in finding the help that they are seeking.

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