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Ripple Ranch Recovery Center

Ripple Ranch Recovery Center is a unique residential rehabilitation facility built around healing and rebuilding. 

Our patients participate in either a non-12-Step program or a 12-Step program with additional therapies, designed to enable lasting recovery from substance addiction. 

Here, we utilize evidence-based treatment with an underlying holistic approach. Our program is carefully customized to each patient and his or her needs.


An Addiction Treatment Center with Individualized Care Plans

Everyone has a different story that brought them to where they are now. Therefore, everyone with an addiction had their own stress that triggered the substance abuse, and will go home to their own unique environment when they recover. 

Because of this, Ripple Ranch knows very well that everyone needs an individual treatment plan. 

We can guarantee that patients receive individual care thanks to our low staff to patient ratio. Each patient will meet with a specially trained trauma therapist a minimum of once a week as appropriate for trauma work and progress evaluation.  

Ripple Ranch is committed to individualized treatment, because our clients are just that, individuals, and their recovery should be specifically tailored to them.  


  • Quality addiction treatment because we make custom treatment plans
  • Affordable care as we work with several major insurers 
  • Highly rated recovery center with many satisfied clients leaving excellent reviews 


Top of the Line Detox Onsite 

The physical and mental effects of chemical dependency are serious. Quitting certain drugs suddenly, or “cold turkey” is even dangerous.

Ripple Ranch has a detox center with 24-hour medical support right on the premises.  

Having qualified doctors on staff keeps our clients safe, and the detox center transitions perfectly into residential treatment once clients are medically stable again. 


Experienced Psychiatrists are Available at our Dual Diagnosis Center

An estimated 40% of those battling addiction are also struggling with a co-occurring disorder such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD, which either triggered their addiction in the first place, or have severely aggravated it after its onset.  

The remaining 60% of people seeking rehabilitation from addiction still need mental health care for exacerbating factors, as the recovery process is not easy emotionally or physically. 

Due to this, Ripple Ranch is a dual diagnosis center, which means we have psychiatrists employed who are available to our clients as needed.  

We ensure that underlying mental illnesses are thoroughly diagnosed and properly treated while clients are in our care if they weren’t discovered before someone entered treatment. 

Addressing underlying mental illness makes relapse less likely after a rehab program has been completed, and also makes those currently in a program more like to stay and see their treatment regimen through. 

At an addiction treatment center, this may be the first place our clients have the opportunity to talk to a professional psychiatrist. This gives them a chance to finally have their needs addressed to the fullest extent as the root cause of their addiction is identified and treated.  

Ripple Ranch’s makes sure that our Master’s Level clinicians are available to each and every patient staying by providing:  


  • Compassionate mental health services such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Helpful psychiatrists available for mental health needs
  • Kind and understanding counselors who truly listen to your needs


Addiction Treatment as a Mental Health Service

Ripple Ranch combines quality medical care with psychology and counseling from initial detox to full-service in-patient treatment.

Each of these stages addresses mental health issues like handling past trauma, managing everyday stress, learning mood stabilization, etc. 

Using a holistic approach to addiction rehabilitation requires clients learning self-care, and really emphasizing those skills to prepare them for the after-care stages. 

We treat each of our clients so that they can go back to a complete life, rather than only looking at their addiction with:

  • Holistic addiction treatment with a focus on mental health
  • Life skills taught to ensure a good mental health regimen can be continued after treatment


An Alcoholism Treatment Center Unlike Any Other

Ripple Ranch’s treatment plans stand out for their individualization. 

This is especially true for their alcoholism treatment programs, as alcohol treatment has a reputation for treating all people the same, due to 12-Step only methods being the most prevalent treatment in Texas. 

12-Step alcoholism and narcotics treatment are highly successful for some, but the faith-based approach does not work for everyone. 

Lots of people who have tried the twelve steps previously need an alternative, and others appreciate the Steps methodology, but need supplementary counseling. 

Ripple Ranch’s individualized treatment plans include 12-Step methods, 12-Step alternatives, and combining aspects of both. 


  • Unique alcoholism treatment that uses 12-step or alternate methods 
  • Different approaches to alcoholism that include psychotherapy 
  • Religious and non-religious treatment pathways


The Most Relationship-Oriented Rehabilitation Center in the Austin Area

Here at Ripple Ranch, part of the Shadow Mountain network, we know that a support system can sometimes make or break a recovery.

We address addiction to a wide range of substances, and our extraordinary center and methods are specifically designed to identify and treat the underlying causes of addiction. 

Those causes are often found in the environment that our clients will be going home to, which is why we are committed to helping our clients resolve family communication and support issues and heal relationships with friends and loved ones. 

We do this by incorporating family days, and teaching healthy personal boundaries. Contact with friends and family is encouraged, as opposed to some rehabilitation centers where patients are isolated from friends and family for most of their stay. 

Ripple Ranch staff simply observe from a distance and help our clients manage that time to make sure that clients are using that time in a healthy way. 

  • Holistic treatment to beat addiction and any underlying factors
  • Best program for staying connected with family and learning healthy boundaries after addiction 


Program Features


  • Alternative to 12-Step-Treatment
  • Holistic care to treat physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of recovery
  • Comprehensive focus on self-care
  • Low staff-to-patient ratio
  • 30–90 day programs
  • Uniquely beautiful facility and grounds
  • Integrated family therapy program



At Ripple Ranch, we’re committed to our clients’ success. Our customized programming is designed to troubleshoot and identify underlying causes of addiction and resolve the family systems and mental challenges that would otherwise hinder recovery.


Our Location

Ripple Ranch is a private residential estate, framed by twenty acres of the beautiful Texas hill country. 

Located in Spring Branch, right between San Antonio and Austin, this beautiful nature retreat offers an ideal environment for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing to unfold.

Far enough to get away, but close enough to stay connected, our Ripple Ranch recovery center is roughly an hour’s drive from either San Antonio or Austin. 

This allows weekly family involvement and for the family to participate in their loved ones’ recovery process. 

Having only 15 beds in our 8000 square feet facility, we provide attention to each patient in a personalized, family-style living environment with enough space for private reflection in moderation.


Location Amenities

  • Communal kitchen (on-site chef)
  • Tai chi, yoga, and meditation classes
  • Swimming pool
  • Workout room
  • Mile-long scenic trail surrounding the campus


Our team is standing by to help you learn more about what our program can do for you or your loved one. Call today or get in touch with us via text or email. You can also learn more about our Ripple Ranch Recovery Center by browsing the links below.


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Ripple Ranch Recovery Center

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Ripple Ranch Recovery Center

Ripple Ranch Recovery Center provides excellent addiction treatment using both 12-Step and 12-Step Alternative methods, with additional therapy and trauma work. 

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This facility is amazing! The staff is one of the most caring group of people I have ever met and I repeatedly hear the clients state that they are being given the tools they need to recover and live sober lives.

Betty H.

I am so grateful for Sara Buckler and the dedication she has to her profession. She is willing to go above and beyond for her clients, always available and so compassionate. Thank you Sara!!

Tina Fett