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Taos Recovery Center

Taos Recovery Center is a unique residential rehabilitation facility built around healing and rebuilding the family set in the gorgeous Sangre de Cristo Mountains. 

Our patients participate in either a 12-Step Program with added psychotherapy, or a 12-Step Alternative program, depending on their personal needs, each designed to promote lasting recovery. 

Here, we utilize evidence-based treatment with an underlying holistic approach. Our program is carefully customized to each patient and their needs. 

An Addiction Treatment Center With Custom Care

Every person suffering from a substance abuse disorder began using for a different reason. Most people who are addicted to drugs first sought them out as a way to escape something else in his or her life. 

As many as 40% of people battling addiction also suffer from an underlying mental illness, and those are only the cases that have been properly diagnosed. 

Treating addiction means treating the underlying cause and giving our guests alternative coping methods to handle stress in their lives and treat any mental illnesses when they return to their normal lives. 

Because each person comes from a different background, and each individual will go back to a different environment when they complete treatment, the only way to do this successfully is to fully implement a customized treatment plan. 

  • A unique addiction treatment center that offers fully customized treatment plans for each client
  • A comfortable addiction treatment center that will help each client individually work towards long-term recovery
  • A helpful addiction treatment center to help our patients get clean 


High-Quality Alcoholism Treatment Programs

Custom care plans and individualized treatments are not attainable in every treatment center, so Taos really stands apart, especially for our alcoholism treatment programs. 

We offer 12-Step programs for excessive drinking or any narcotics, which proves to be highly effective for some, but the faith-based approach is not for everyone.

Many people come to us because they’ve tried round after round of 12-Step treatment to no avail. When that path doesn’t work, you need to find something that does, which is why Shadow Mountain focuses on 12-Step alternative programming using only evidence-based methods.

12-step treatments are not helpful for some because they need additional counseling and psychotherapy to treat their underlying conditions. 

Alternatives to 12-step programs that we offer:

  • Dual-diagnosis treatment included in affordable alcoholism treatment programs
  • Unique alcoholism treatment programs, such as Animal-assisted therapy and exercise

Experienced Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, and Psychologists for Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Almost half of people struggling with addiction have co-occurring mental conditions such as depression or anxiety. These conditions exacerbate an addiction, and in many cases, not knowing how to cope with them is what triggered the addiction in the first place. 

The other half of people looking for help with substance abuse still have mental health struggles even if they don’t have an official diagnosis. Regular life is full of stresses and trying to heal from addiction comes with unique mental, emotional, and physical challenges. 

These challenges require professional mental health care in order to make lasting progress. Shadow Mountain Recovery - Taos keeps psychologists and psychiatrists on hand full-time for just this reason.  

Having on-staff psychologists and psychiatrists allows us to be sure that any mental diagnoses are fully evaluated and cared for alongside addiction. This especially allows us to find issues that weren’t diagnosed properly before someone came into our care. 

Examining underlying causes of addiction, teaching coping methods, and using assistive medications when necessary, emphasizing these mental health factors make recovery much more likely to stick after our patients leave us. 

Shadow Mountain Recovery’s location, in the peaceful mountain setting of Taos, New Mexico has Master’s Level clinicians available to provide our patients the peace of mind they need to fully heal and change their habits to healthier coping methods. 

We provide: 

  • Sessions with caring psychologists to ensure that the underlying cause of addiction is being treated
  • One-on-one sessions with experienced psychiatrists for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies
  • Great psychotherapists to teach patients healthy ways to cope with stress

A Rehabilitation Center with 24-Hour Medical Support on the Premises 

Our facility offers quality medical care 24 hours a day for any of our clients’ needs. We have experienced doctors on staff for clients who need medically-assisted detox, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), or other unique needs they may require.

Our 1 to 6 staff to patient ratio ensures that our client's needs are taken care of. Having quality medical support at Shadow Mountain not only means our clients will be safe, but that they also receive individualized care. 

  • A committed rehabilitation center that gets to the root cause of addiction and increases the chance of long-term recovery
  • Activity-Based therapies that include hiking, and other forms of exercise outside our beautiful rehabilitation center


Mental Health Services that Emphasize Trauma-Informed Care and Family Therapy

Shadow Mountain Taos is a unique addiction recovery center because we combine quality medical care with psychology and counseling. 

Taking a full mental health approach to addiction also requires teaching our clients self-care techniques, and ensuring that they have a proper after-care plan in place when they leave our center to help them achieve long-term recovery. 

We treat each of our clients for not only their addiction, but the underlying causes for the addiction as well. This approach increases the chance for long-term recovery and decreases the chance of relapse. 

  • Helpful mental health services that include counselors who are able to both listen, give psychiatric homework, and prescribe medications as needed
  • Holistic treatment included in our experienced mental health services


A Safe Mental Health Clinic

Here at Shadow Mountain Taos, our goal is witnessing all of our clients succeed. 

We address addiction to a wide range of substances, and our unique program is specifically designed to treat underlying mental illnesses or trauma that could be the cause of addiction.

We especially focus on trauma-informed care in order to ensure clients can achieve long-term recovery. Shadow Mountain also attends to resolving familial issues and repairing the relationships with those you love most.

  • Life skills taught in our unique mental health clinic to ensure a good regimen can be continued after treatment
  • An experienced mental health clinic that can help the whole family heal


Helpful Program Features for Addiction Treatment

  • Integrated family therapy program
  • 30-90 day programs available
  • Gorgeous facility locations with close access to the mountains
  • 12 months of aftercare support
  • 1:6 staff to patient ratio
  • Emphasis on trauma-informed care
  • Gender-specific treatment for men
  • Unique therapy and activities, such as equine therapy and music programs

Our Location - Lower End of The Rocky Mountains 

Shadow Mountain Taos is a private residential estate, nestled among beautiful mountains that will instantly give you a feeling of tranquility.

Near Capulin and Palo Encebado Peaks on the lower end of the Rocky Mountains, our facility will provide stunning views in a relaxed environment. 

It’s easily accessible, so that your family may conveniently come and visit during your stay with us, as well as to attend family therapy sessions. 

Our facility is the perfect place for you to reconnect with yourself and begin your journey to rehabilitation.

Location Amenities

  • Over 20 beds
  • 37-acre property
  • Large, well-equipped gym
  • Basketball court
  • Easy access to numerous peaceful and scenic hiking trails
  • Views of the beautiful Rocky Mountains 


Our team in Taos is standing by, ready to help you learn more about how our rehabilitation program can help you or a loved one today. Don’t hesitate to call us at  (855) 266-3954, or get in touch with us via email or text today. You can learn more about Shadow Mountain Taos Recovery Center by browsing the links below. 

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Taos Recovery Center

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Taos Recovery Center

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Shadow mountain offered the support, wisdom and guidance my son needed and when he asked. My son is back...20 months sober...strong, clear and commited. Big love to all those who loved my son back to health. Jane

Jane House

After several stints in rehab facilities all over the country, Shadow Mountain Recovery is the only place my son got the kind of help he needed to begin the process of self motivation toward permanent sobriety. The work they did seems to have set him on the road to self discovery. His mom and I thank you with all sincerity!

Randy Hooker