Molly (Ecstasy) and Dangerous Perceptions

Among drug trends today, few are as ingrained in popular culture as the designer drug “molly.” Popularized in the lyrics of artists like Miley Cyrus, the drug particularly appeals to young adults due to its profound enhancement of the senses, production of feelings of empathy, and euphoric effects. These effects lend themselves to heavy use at raves and clubs, leading to molly’s reputation as a “club drug.” While many mistakenly believe molly is safe, its use can lead to dangerous consequences. To understand these consequences, one must understand how molly is marketed and what it actually contains.

Molly’s marketing leads to many misconceptions among users about its safety. Many people believe Molly is a pure form of the drug, ecstasy, the main ingredient of which is MDMA. Molly is supposed to be pure MDMA – thus being free from the other substances drug designers and dealers add to their product. Therefore, many think molly can produce the same effects as ecstasy without any of the risks. Unfortunately for many users, this is not true. Molly often contains either no MDMA or MDMA in combination with other substances. The interaction between MDMA and these other substances can be especially dangerous – especially since there is no way to identify these other substances.

One of the biggest dangers of molly is how it interferes with the body’s thermoregulation or temperature management. This effect is worsened when one considers the environments in which the drug is frequently used. Heatstroke is a possibility for people who dance at a rave or club without proper hydration. At the same time, molly can cause one to retain more water, which can be equally dangerous if one drinks to excess. The drug has been linked to club-based deaths, with authorities noting that it was unclear whether the molly contained just MDMA or other substances as well.

Signs of molly use can include muscle tension, high blood pressure, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and arrhythmia, among others. Molly’s cheap price and euphoric effects make it appealing to young adults, and the consequences can be much greater than they realize. While molly would not necessarily be safe even if it were just “pure MDMA” as advertised, the fact that it often contains other substances dramatically increases its dangers to the user in the end. It is simply not worth the risk.

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