Holistic Addiction Treatment

Holistic Addiction Treatment

Each rehabilitation program employs different therapeutic styles including holistic methods to treat substance use disorder. Holistic alcohol and drug rehab programs are designed to teach patients how to protect the health of the mind, body and spirit. These types of rehab programs create a main focus on therapeutic healing of all three of these areas to help individuals stop using alcohol or drugs.

These programs are considered alternative forms of treatment because they do not follow the standard models that focus on 12-step programs, psychotherapy, or other types of support groups. As an alternative, holistic rehab facilities emphasize the concentration of the person as a whole—healing individuals from addiction through the mind-body-spirit connection. There are even some traditional treatment facilities for addiction that will incorporate holistic methods.

Why Choose Holistic Rehab?

There are endless reasons as to why individuals turn to alcohol and drugs. Some people attempt to self-medicate physical problems like back pain, some will attempt to numb feelings of pain related to spiritual emptiness and others may attempt to self-medicate a number of underlying mental health problems.

Many people that struggle with any type of substance abuse may not be aware of the area(s) of health that they are attempting to control with their behavior. For that reason, a program that centers on improving and sustaining all three of the previously mentioned areas of health ultimately has the best possible chance of addressing the problem areas so individuals will be able to become clean and remain sober.

The philosophy behind holistic programs is that all three areas of health (mind, body and spirit) are connected. This means that if there is disease in one area, it will negatively affect the other two areas. A holistic rehab program strives to heal all three areas so that an individual is able to remain sober even after all primary issues that influence substance abuse are successfully resolved.

Benefits of Holistic Addiction Rehab Programs

Nearly everyone can benefit from a holistic addiction rehab program. The one and only requirement with this type of program is that you are willing to achieve sobriety.

The majority of holistic addiction rehab programs offer similar treatment options as traditional programs, but they also offer additional benefits. For instance, similar to traditional programs, holistic ones have available trained therapists who can offer individual and group therapy sessions as well as on-site daily support groups.

Certain features may be different in a holistic rehab facility. For instance, the detox process will often not include medications to alleviate uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

Additionally, holistic rehab programs may focus on the following:

  • Physical Activities
    • For example: swimming, biking, mountain climbing, hiking
  • All-Natural and Organic Meal Plans
    • This boosts overall physical health and address nutritional deficiencies as a result of addiction.
  • Complementary Therapy
    • For example: acupuncture and massage
  • Meditation Exercise Sessions
    • For example: tai chi, yoga, prayer sessions
  • Alternative Forms of Psychotherapy
    • For example: music, art, animal-assisted therapy
  • Scenic Locations
    • For example: the ocean, lake, or in the mountains

What You Should Look for in a Holistic Rehab

When it comes to evaluating a rehab center or program, it is important to ensure that the program is right for you as an individual. Some questions that you need to take into consideration when evaluating a holistic rehab include the following:

  • What types of treatment options are available?
    • You always want to make sure that there is an assortment of treatment options available because treatments are not one-size-fits-all. A rehab facility should modify treatment to your needs. Find out what kinds of therapy and other types of activities are offered, and note if the activities are mandatory. Some holistic facilities will permit you to opt out of non-traditional activities or meditation if you prefer. Ask about the success rate and scientific background of the treatments implemented.
  • How long will the program last?
    • Holistic rehab facilities should offer treatments for different lengths of time since each person will require a different length of time for recovery. Many people make considerable progress with a 30- or 60-day rehab program, though others may need a longer term program. Ideally, you should see if it is possible to begin a short-term program and have your stay extended if possible. Outcomes of treatment are typically better if a person gets more than 90 days of effective treatment.
  • How much will the program cost?
    • Due to the high quality food, picturesque locations and assortment of revolutionary therapy activities, holistic rehab programs are often more expensive than traditional rehab addiction programs. Get a written list of the program costs so you can effectively compare a few programs. See if it is possible to save money by choosing not to participate in activities in which you have no interest. There are some holistic rehab facilities that offer treatment on a sliding scale, accept health insurance, or will simply work with you by offering a payment plan. Remember, no one wants to keep you from getting the help you need due to financial barriers!
  • Where exactly is the program located?
    • It is important that you find out exactly where the program will be located so you know how far it will be from your home. Plus, it helps to know the program’s setting. If the rehab program is further from your home than you would like, you need to weigh the pros and cons of the travels costs and the distance against the benefits of the holistic addiction rehab treatment program. If you have a strong support group at home and in your community, then a local facility may be satisfactory for you. Otherwise, it may be worth the distance and the costs.
  • What are the staff’s credentials?
    • All staff at a holistic addiction rehab facility should be extensively trained, experienced with substance use disorders and have a solid understanding of how to properly treat these problems. Additionally, ask about the staff-to-patient ratio as you want to ensure there is plenty of staff so that you will get individual attention.
  • Is the facility properly accredited?
    • There is an accreditation body in every state that oversees substance use disorder treatment facilities. Take the time to ask if the facility that you thinking about is accredited and is in full compliance with federal and state regulations. Reputable centers will generally seek accreditation from national programs like the Joint Commission [previously known as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)] or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).
  • What type of follow-up care is offered?
    • A facility that offers a top-notch program should offer some type of aftercare program to ensure that you remain sober after the treatment program is complete. Generally, they will provide you with information on sober living, support groups and various other types of continued therapy. Some will even help you gain access to these resources.

Executive and Luxury Rehab Centers

Executive rehab facilities that have a holistic focus may be ideal for individuals who have not sought treatment for their substance use problem due to corporate responsibilities. These types of facilities combine behavioral health-related treatments or substance use treatments with the capability to connect to a mobile device or computer so that executives are able to fight their addiction and get sober while still remaining accessible to their work, co-workers and clients.

Luxury rehabilitations centers with a holistic addiction treatment focus offer upscale amenities that are similar to those in a five-star, state-of-the-art hotel. These facilities focus not only on your health, but your personal comfort throughout the rehab and recovery process. While you complete your addiction treatment, you can also enjoy the benefits of gym facilities, housekeeping services, in-house massage therapy, fine linens and other luxurious offerings.

How to Choose the Right Holistic Addiction Rehab Program for You

Holistic rehab programs are broadly available, and they vary in their treatment methods. The most integral part of selecting a rehab program is making sure it adapts the treatment to your individual needs.

Keep in mind that if you have previously participated in a program and relapsed later on, it does not mean that you failed in some way. It simply means that you need to take a different approach to treatment. A holistic addiction rehab program may be exactly the different approach that you need to obtain continued sobriety.

Once you are able to locate a few holistic rehab programs that you are interested in, take the time to visit each of the facilities in person. Speak to some of the staff members and take a tour of the facilities. Listen to  your gut on how you feel about each of the facilities as well as ensuring to get the answers to all the questions listed above.

Finally, call and talk to an admissions counselor who can help you determine your individual needs and assist in choosing the best program for you.

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