Rio Rancho is a Male Detox Facility

Saving Lives and Families

Rio Rancho is a Male Detox Facility

What to Expect from Medically Supervised Detoxification at our Shadow Mountain Rio Rancho Facility

We offer a comprehensive assessment that can get to the root cause of substance use. Together, the detox and ensuing treatment plan typically last no longer than 14 days. Our Detox + Treatment Programs offer the following:

  • MDs and RNs supervising and supporting you 24/7
  • Withdrawal symptoms medically managed in a comfortable environment with semi-private rooms
  • Standardized psychological and psychiatric assessments
  • Help understand the underlying issues driving your substance use disorder
  • An appropriate treatment plan created by you and professionals
  • We help you get the life you want and develop specific next step planning that can get you there

Detox does not treat the underlying psychological or trauma issues surrounding addiction, detoxing only removes the physical addiction to drugs or alcohol. So it's important to connect with a detox that can help find ongoing support post-discharge.

During Detox at Shadow Mountain, we will use Medication Assisted Treatment or MAT to make sure you remain comfortable while under our care. We use medications that can alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal in tandem with behavioral therapy and holistic treatments. These have proven to be most effective in the handling of opioid use disorders (OUD).

People struggling with addiction often make choices in what seems like a chaotic and unhealthy way. They are unable to even consider problems on a higher level until they get their fix. The problem is that for most, the fix leaves them incapacitated and out of touch with reality. So real life is never addressed and connections with friends and family fall by the wayside.