Suboxone Detox Treatment

Suboxone Detox Treatment

Every year, there are millions of individuals who enter into a facility looking for help escaping their drug problems. Some come right here to Shadow Mountain Recovery for help. For some, suboxone is used as a replacement or transition drug for opiate users, especially those who are seeking outpatient help. Unfortunately, those individuals find themselves returning – and coming here to us – for inpatient medical detox treatment from suboxone.

What Exactly Is Suboxone and Where Can I Get Withdrawal Treatment?

Suboxone is a member of the opiate prescription drug family and is also a narcotic pain reliever. It is also a drug that is helpful in the detoxification from OxyContin, morphine, codeine, heroin, Lortab, Vicodin, fentanyl, Percocet, and methadone. It is similar to codeine, morphine and heroin; however, it doesn’t provide users with the same type of euphoria. It has the ability to reduce the withdrawal symptoms that opiate overuse typically provides. This is particularly true with the cramps, anxiety, spasms, agitation, nightmares and insomnia. This is why it is used in the detox. However, when it is misused or overused, the withdrawal symptoms can become very severe when the drug is discontinued.

Suboxone Addiction Signs and Symptoms

There are various side effects that can result with suboxone use, including dizziness and/or drowsiness, nausea, constipation, stomach pain, depression, trouble breathing, mood swings and headaches. If an individual uses the drug to transition from another type of medication, withdrawal symptoms may still be experienced as the body detoxes from the other drug. When suboxone is discontinued, withdrawal symptoms may be experienced from the suboxone, especially if a strict step-down program is not followed. When suboxone is taken with antidepressants, alcohol, sedatives or tranquilizers, it can be very dangerous, as it can result in a coma or even death.

Suboxone Addiction Detoxification Process

The withdrawal process from suboxone is very similar to other opiate drugs in that is can be very uncomfortable and painful. It can last several days, but the length of the withdrawal will normally depend on the length of use and strength of dosage. The symptoms can include abdominal pain and cramps, anxiety, watery eyes, yawning, runny nose, sweating, agitation, insomnia, seizures as well as suicidal thoughts.

Although it is possibly to pursue an outpatient detox, it isn’t recommended. This is because suboxone is often a medication that is given in an outpatient detox setting, which means this may not be an effective method for you. Instead, a better option may be to consult with us here at Shadow Mountain Recovery about our inpatient detox therapy program. We use IV therapy detox so that we can adjust the medication to the withdrawal symptoms that you’re experiencing. We can make adjustments as the symptoms come and go, which allows you to be as comfortable as possible and the process to be extremely effective.

After Suboxone Detox Completion

After the detox is complete, you may feel as if you need some assistance in getting a hold on your new life. We offer an educational program that can help you successfully identify behavior patterns that have previously contributed to your use of drugs. We can help teach you new habits that will help you avoid drugs in the future and achieve life-long success with zero prescription drugs.

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