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At Shadow Mountain Recovery, we know that “one size” does not “fit all” when it comes to treatment. What works for one person may not work for another, and what’s comfortable for one person may be uncomfortable for another. That’s why we offer a variety of healing therapies during recovery from substance or alcohol use disorders. 

Alternative treatments are on the rise, and ear seeding is becoming popular. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s not as odd as it sounds. Ear seeding has been around for over 3,000 years. It is a form of acupressure that has been used in Chinese medicine for many years. In the mid-1950s, ear seeding made its way West, and it has been used to treat people in recovery since the 1970s. 

We use ear seeding at SMR because it works to balance the sympathetic nervous system, alleviate symptoms of withdrawal, and promote lasting recovery.


How Ear Seeding Works at Shadow Mountain Recovery

In traditional Chinese medicine, the ear is frequently used in acupuncture because it connects to the rest of the body. By stimulating one of five points using needles or seeds, vital life energy is released into the corresponding body parts it’s connected with.

These points are based upon Oriental medical theory along with clinical indications. Each of these ear points can relieve stress or promote calm within different areas of the body. The five main points used in AcuDetox are:

  1. The Shen Men point – regulates excitation, alleviates pain, reduces hypertension, calms the mind, and relieves anxiety. When this point is stimulated during AcuDetox, it can help with depression, insomnia, restlessness, and drug or alcohol cravings.
  2. The Sympathetic point – balances the sympathetic nervous system, balances epinephrine and norepinephrine, relaxes muscles in the shoulders and face, dilates blood vessels, and acts as a relaxant on all major organs. When this point is stimulated, it can reduce obsessive thinking and calm the spirit.
  3. The Kidney point – balances mental states, relieves headaches, and works on urogenital problems. When this point is stimulated, it can increase happiness and fortitude, relieve fear, and promote courage.
  4. The Liver point – stimulates physiologic and hormonal functions, and relieves muscle tension or cramps. When this point is stimulated, it can relieve depression, frustration, and anger. It also helps with decision-making, planning, and clear-headedness.
  5. The Lung point – works on immunity, organ detoxification, and breathing problems. It also helps in regulating emotions like grief and sadness. When this point is stimulated, it can improve things like inspiration, a sense of connection, self-respect, and integrity. This point works well for promoting recovery because it has been said to open people up to new beginnings. 

During AcuDetox, we’ll use needles to stimulate these points. When the needles are removed, they’ll be replaced with Vaccaria seeds, which you’ll leave in for a short time. These seeds are the “ear seeding” portion of our AcuDetox program.

At SMR, we use the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association’s (NADA) 3-ear seed protocol. While you’re here, we’ll be focusing on your Shen Men, Liver, and Lung points. These 3 points have the potential to not only help you through the rough parts of your recovery but also strengthen your mental health and long-term resolve. 

Ear seeding is offered alongside AcuDetox once a week at SMR for anyone enrolled in one of our treatment programs.

Why We’re Passionate About AcuDetox and Ear Seeding at Shadow Mountain Recovery

At SMR, we support any treatment that promotes healing and long-term recovery for our patients. We know that offering specialized care and alternative treatment options can mean the difference between relapse and recovery for many.

Jennifer Johnson, our RN Director of Nursing at SMR, believes that ear seeding is a tool that can help patients find freedom from their suffering:

“I believe that all things are connected. Body, mind, spirit [and] emotion. I have been sober for 15 years and have used and been taught many healing modalities. All are tools to get closer to our soul’s expression… to access our self-love. This is a modality that can clear away the wreckage of our past belief systems,” she says. 

Jennifer also believes that craving is the need to not hurt anymore. She knows that alleviating the nervous system’s sympathetic tones makes way for recovery because it takes away some of that hurt. This is what AcuDetox can do – it can calm the fight-or-flight response, release trauma, and create the conditions for stability.

Is Ear Seeding Right for Me?

Ear seeding is a safe and effective treatment option for many seeking recovery. It can also be used in addition to other forms of treatment like MAT or therapy. If you’ve tried holistic treatments before, have a history with Chinese medicine, or even if you’ve exhausted other treatment options, ear seeding might be a great fit for you.

If you’re working to overcome an addiction and you’re struggling with withdrawals, anxiety, trauma, or depression, ear seeding might be able to provide you with relief.

Recovery isn’t just about coming off of alcohol or other drugs – it’s also about healing your mind and connecting with the world around you. Holistic therapies like AcuDetox and ear seeding can help you achieve those things while promoting your long-term health.

Moving Forward with Shadow Mountain Recovery

At SMR, we’re passionate about treatments that can help you find recovery from the substances that have been holding you back. Making the choice to get healthy is a momentous step that takes courage, and we can’t wait to support you.

From the moment we receive your call to the moment you leave us, we’re invested in your recovery and overall wellness. Our experienced staff and master-level clinicians are committed to using evidence-based practices to guide you out of addiction and into a bright future.

We take into consideration your unique circumstances and history, type of addiction, length of alcohol or drug use, and physical and mental health status before creating your treatment plan. Your care will always be personalized, and your recovery will always be prioritized.

If you or someone you love would like to learn more about some of our holistic options for addiction treatment, call Shadow Mountain Recovery today at 855-700-1667 so we can help.