Where Do I Find Drug Rehabilitation in New Mexico

Addiction patients often feel like their life is an endless struggle.

Sober living may seem like a dream at this point in your life. Do you have questions like “where do I start for drug addiction”? Or “how do I keep from losing my job if I go into therapy?”. The treatment experts at Shadow Mountain can help.

It takes a brave person to admit they need substance abuse treatment. Some patients have experienced a crisis in their lives, like a family member dying. Others think they could handle their drug addiction by simply hiding it.

Treatment programs at Shadow Mountain offer support groups and medical experts to help you live a drug-free lifestyle. Our addiction programs will teach you about long term issues that cause addiction. Our treatment facilities are designed with your personal discovery in mind.

How does addiction treatment work?

Residential treatment is focused on addiction and health care. Patients learn coping skills for building a healthy and happy life. Conducting a personal assessment is the first step of treatment at Shadow Mountain.

It takes courage to admit drug use is causing your life to become unmanageable. Our treatment experts will ask questions about drugs you are addicted to, the quantity you consume, and how long you’ve been addicted. A unique treatment plan will be developed from your answers, as well as conditions that impact recoveries like anxiety or depression.

Detox is the next phase of your addiction treatment plan. The detox process eliminates toxins from your body that cause side effects. Shadow Mountain experts will closely monitor your care to ensure your well-being is stabilized.

There are many benefits to the detox process, including increased energy and a revitalized immune system. Detox helps prepare your body for smart recovery and is the beginning of a healthy lifestyle once you leave our addiction center.

What kind of addiction counseling will I receive?

Once your detox is complete, you’ll begin individual counseling and group therapy sessions. Each patient works with a Shadow Mountain specialist to understand the recovery process and education you’ll receive.

Group therapy is a powerful experience for many of our patients. You’ll learn from others who are in a recovery situation and have similar fears. Many patients have abused either drugs or alcohol in the past, so group therapy encourages members to share stories and give feedback. You’ll learn about managing stress triggers in your life without turning to substance abuse.

How does education help with substance abuse relapse?

The treatment goal of any substance abuse disorder is to help you prevent a relapse. As your group meetings continue, you’ll spend time learning about addiction and how to avoid relapse in the future. Shadow Mountain’s medical care philosophy is holistic, so you’ll understand what may have originally excited you about drugs.

Inpatient treatment offers many benefits that help with relapse, including being matched with individuals with similar needs. You’ll hear stories about drugs that led to a medical emergency or possibly cause someone to lose their job. Confidentiality is important to treatment improvement, so there are group rules to follow.

Do I have to stay overnight to participate in therapy?

Many drug rehab centers offer outpatient rehab services. This can help you see your family in the evening and continue your substance abuse treatment during the day. The Shadow Mountain treatment staff will help you determine what is best for your treatment plan.

Some people, like women or children, may have unique needs when it comes to inpatient or outpatient therapy. For example, many women feel more comfortable talking to other women who share the same problems. Likewise, children and adolescents in recovery are paired with similarly aged patients and not adults.

Will my addiction therapy help repair my relationships?

Addiction recovery is not easy for anyone. When you start your journey, some patients feel sadness about family members impacted by their drug addiction. There are coping skills you will learn from the Shadow Mountain team to help your healing process. This often begins with being honest with yourself and your loved ones.

If you struggle with anxiety, being honest with the people around you can help. Setting realistic goals for your progress and keeping a daily journal can remind you of the emotions you’re feeling. Finally, communicating gratitude helps you stay positive and share feelings you may have bottled up inside.

What if I don’t feel comfortable in my therapy group?

Leaving your addiction treatment early is not recommended by Shadow Mountain. Some patients may ask their loved ones for permission to leave because the process is difficult. Another reason patients want to leave is to begin abusing substances to escape the emotional reality of therapy.

Mental cravings for drug use is also very real. Sometimes a patient is so addicted that giving up seems like the best option. Other patients avoid feelings instead of dealing with them. Group therapy is designed to help you face reality, which may include lies, secrets, and deep problems.

It is also acceptable to listen more than you speak if you are not comfortable sharing. This can help you manage emotions that have been hidden for many years.

Will I be cured of drug addiction when I leave?

Addiction recovery is a way of life and not a short journey. Once your treatment plan is finished and you are released from the treatment facility, the real world is waiting. Re-entering everyday life will present you with the same options to use drugs that were there before treatment.

Maintaining your sobriety is important to everyone, especially you. Shadow Mountain will assist you in finding an aftercare program that can help you connect with recovery alumni. Our alumni can help you with living your new life of sobriety. Once you find your balance, many patients experience rewarding freedom they never thought was possible.

How do recovery community alumni help with sobriety?

Alumni in the recovery community provide support and lower the risk of relapse. An alumni mentor can help you use coping skills to deal with feelings to use again. Other programs that can help include 12 step meetings, weekly groups, sobriety check-ins, and using medical resources available.

Keep in mind a recovery community alumni has been in the same situation you are in. They can help you recognize triggers and how to respond appropriately. This often helps many recovering addicts to feel a shoulder to lean on as they learn to live in a new environment.

Finding Addiction Treatment Care in New Mexico

If you or a loved one has realized they finally need to seek addiction treatment, or you need some help persuade them, give Shadow Mountain Recovery a call today. We have experienced staff that can help combat addiction to any drug, and we specialize in holistic treatment to treat the mind, body, and spirit.

Our Albuquerque Intensive Outpatient Treatment Center is a unique addiction treatment program built around healing and rebuilding the family and is located near the gorgeous South Sandia Peak Mountains.

If you or a loved one needs an individualized treatment plan to help with addiction, call Shadow Mountain Recovery today: 505-657-2117.

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