Wonderful Things Are Waiting To Happen

Rebuilding your life after the chaotic destruction of being in a serious and life-threatening addiction can be overwhelming.  There are many relationships to repair.  There are likely relationships that are unhealthy that need to be severed.  There is amends to be made.  Thinking of all of that at once can be too much at times.  Your life can surely be fixed and made into something incredibly beautiful that brings you so much happiness and security, but the process of engaging in treatment and getting sober and reaching for recovery needs to be happen first.

However, that doesn’t mean that the entire time you spend in treatment, you are miserable and morose and grouchy.  I’ve actually found that when you reach for recovery, and even if you spend some time every day in treatment, working on sobriety and recovery, even if it is as difficult or torturous as hell, then small, beautiful, wonderful little miraculous moments and hours and times and days start to happen.  That’s the beauty of letting go of your addiction, and experiencing life sober and not high or drunk or trying to find a way to be one of those things.  When you are sober, you get so see and feel and experience the small, miraculous moments every day that you otherwise miss or do not even care to look at when in your addiction. 

You get to feel you body regain its strength back when you are not constantly putting those toxic substances in your body.  Your mind will begin to clear and you will be able to think of things in your life that really matter – you family, your friends, the things you love, your passions.  You get to have your life back.  You have the opportunity to start anew. 

“It is astonishing how short a time it takes for very wonderful things to happen.”
— Frances Hodgson Burnett

When you first begin treatment, nothing feels wonderful.  You are likely feeling ill from withdrawals.  You are likely frustrated and scared, because treatment can feel daunting at times, especially at the beginning of treatment.  You miss your family.  You miss your freedom.  But mostly, you probably miss engaging in your addiction. 

But, if you hang in there, you will see, quite quickly, the little miracles, the little wonders, that will begin to happen in your life.  You will have glimpses of hope that you really can be rid of the addiction.  You will have moments of pure joy from the freedom at not having to search for that next hit or high.  You will experience a wonderful moment when you see you family for the first time you are sober. 

Treatment can be hard, there is no doubt about it.  But the beautiful thing about treatment at Shadow Mountain Recovery is that while it can be difficult – there is no getting around it, it WILL be hard and frustrating and painful at times, there will also be many more moments where you feel free from the addiction, and as you feel that more, you will feel peace, and a beautiful and bright and shining hope.  You will begin to recognized the wonderful in your life.

Addictions bring sadness, despair, dishonesty, and even death.

Recovery brings, happiness, hope, wonder, integrity, and life.

Choose recovery.  Choose to have wonderful things happen in your life.

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