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Our Mission is to Help Individuals and Families on the Road to Recovery

Our approach to a Continuum of Care program embraces the ideation of providing all levels of care. At Shadow Mountain Recovery, we make every effort to individualize treatment. We believe in the continuum of care as an integral part of treatment to have a successful outcome with clients. We also provide the tools needed for a well-rounded recovery. Our 12-step based treatment programs nourish the spirit and help to establish new life patterns. Experiential and equine therapeutic activities strengthen your body along with your spirit and mind as you hike, snowboard, create music, and participate in a wide variety of other activities.


The first step in the continuum of care for some clients is an appropriate detoxification for alcohol, benzodiazepines, and opiates. Our detoxification clinical staff use a standard protocol that is approved for each type of addiction. Our staff of professionals i.e. Doctors, Therapists, RNs, and LPNs are trained to handle all withdrawal symptoms. Our state of the art addiction therapy includes the followings components, Pharmacotherapy, Crisis Stabilization, and Psychiatric Assessment.

Residential Treatment

Our residential program is a structured detailed curriculum in multiple phases, that continue based on the client’s progress in treatment. The lengths of stay are 30, 60, and 90 days, or longer according to the individualized needs of the client. Our residential programs are designed to individualize treatment according to their recovery process, and help each client build a foundation that will strengthen their recovery.

Day Treatment

Our day treatment program provides a focused structured curriculum of individual, cognitive behavioral, family, and experiential therapy. This form of treatment provides an outstanding transition from residential to outpatient treatment following the step down of a continuum of care. The day treatment program consists of a 30, 60, and 90-day process, or longer according to the individualized needs of the client. This program also allows people that might not have the funding to pay for residential care through insurance, to obtain treatment that is very similar to a residential model. Our experienced assessment team will evaluate our clients on whether on what length of time is the most appropriate for each client and create a personalized individualized treatment program.

Behavioral Health

The Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health agency provides a broad range of mental health services including medications, psychological evaluations and a variety of mental health approaches in both individual and group settings. SM Behavioral Health serves a diverse population and ages. We provide family and couples therapy sessions. A significant piece of the SM Behavioral Health agency is our focus with substance abuse issues. We provide Intensive- Out-Patient (IOP) services, dual diagnosis services, and medication services which provides flexibility and convenience.

IOP Treatment

This program meets four nights a week from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The IOP is a program for clients that are in the early stages of addiction recovery and are able to function with day-to-day activities, but still need the structure and accountability of a therapeutic process to guide them and help stabilize their life away from addiction. This also provides a step down approach from our day treatment program.

Therapeutic Sober Living

Therapeutic sober living homes have been created for people that are attending the day treatment program. They are highly structured homes that follow the day treatment schedule. In the evening they follow an evening schedule and end each night with a wrap up therapeutic community meeting. The therapeutic homes are to provide a treatment like setting atmosphere during the evening hours. The therapeutic sober home is also staffed on a 24-hour basis 7 days a week.

Insurance & Financing Options Available

We have the ability and resources to help clients use most insurance. We have insurance and admissions specialists who are experienced and willing to assist at any time. Shadow Mountain Recovery is in partnership with Prosper Funding to help families with the cost of treatment for their loved one. Please click on the link and select “Medical/Dental” for the purpose of your loan.

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