Recovery for the Whole Family

  • For Clients
    For Clients

    We recognize that starting a drug rehab program is a big decision. We want you to know that stepping into recovery means a life of happiness is about to begin.

  • For Families
    For Families

    Our families want the best for one another and we take the responsibility of a loved one’s care very seriously. We’ve been there too. Our team will work hard to earn your trust.

  • For Referents
    For Referents

    Working with professionals is an important facet of our addiction treatment. By referring someone to our program, you become a part of their recovery team.

Shadow Mountain Recovery and our family of recovery centers provides treatment for those struggling with addiction on all levels. We believe the key to any successful recovery is advanced support and education, at every stage of addiction. Our residential treatment center in Taos, NM, and our intensive outpatient centers in Colorado Spring, CO, offer clients the highest level of care and support as they enter recovery, and continue to foster growth and success throughout the process with step-down aftercare plans. This allows clients to get a running start on recovery, and transition smoothly into their future with the best treatment options and lines of support available.
SMR Blog
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Borrow up to $35,000
Shadow Mountain Recovery is in partnership with Prosper Funding to help families with the cost of treatment for their loved one. Please click on the link and select “Medical/Dental” for the purpose of your loan.