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Because SMR was founded by the parents of a young man in recovery it works with the whole family to achieve long term sobriety. The communication with parents truly sets SMR apart from other rehab homes.
Taos Recovery Center
After several stints in rehab facilities all over the country, Shadow Mountain Recovery is the only place my son got the kind of help he needed to begin the process of self motivation toward permanent sobriety. The work they did seems to have set him on the road to self discovery. His mom and I thank you with all sincerity!
Taos Recovery Center
It was chill and workers are good people. I got my new start there! Thank you for being there, again big shout out to employees, you all are awesome! Make that jump with these people who care about your recovery.
The staff truly care at Shadow mountain!!! I have referred many people there for detox and they show compassion and care for the people I have sent to them.
Josh Barker
Professionalism and humanity has been demonstrated every time I have brought someone to this organization for assistance in their turning point to new recovery. They work hard to carry people through this critical transition.
Richard Curtis
Shadow Mountain Recovery is a wonderful place for men to recover. They have helped so many people over the years and continue to provide excellent treatment services. Richard P is an amazing person that has dedicated his life to help others. He does great work with these men to help progress them in the right direction. I would recommend this facility to anyone that is in need of addiction treatment!! Five stars all the way!!
Albuquerque Recovery Center
If you want to change yourself and your life then Shadow Mountain Recovery in Taos, NM can work for you. My experience there didn’t change everything but it put in motion a journey to happiness, fulfillment and sobriety that without the program I would not be on. Until going to Shadow Mountain I really thought I could handle my addiction on my own. This city boy realized, in the mountains of Taos, that he wasn’t alone and there are people who want to help and can help. All you need is to be open to the process of healing, honesty, and positivity (“Go Deep”). It does require you to work and to be open but if you just put in a little effort you can find a new way, a new life, or just a new way of looking at the life you have now. I’d recommend treatment to anyone, addict or not. Life isn’t always easy and reaching out for help can seem daunting, embarrassing, or weak but if you take the first step and choose a place like Shadow Mountain Recovery someone will definitely be there to guide you. Most importantly they’ll be there to help you with every step after the most important step you choose for yourself. Addiction is a difficult and devastating disease but if you choose to take it on Shadow Mountain is a great place to start. Thanks to all the staff that helped me find my way and the new friends that will forever be a part of this journey. Choose sobriety, choose yourself, choose life.
Albuquerque Recovery Center
I thought I lost an old friend from high school to addiction, I won’t mention his name but he is a completely different person now. As much as I tried to help him, I never could. Almost a decade after we were in school together, he sought help through Shadow Mountain Recovery. To be honest, I always had doubts about rehab programs. Shadow Mountain proved me wrong when it comes to my friend. He is truly back to the person I have always respected so much. I can honestly say that if you know someone that is stuck in an addiction, this is the place that can help.
Albuquerque Recovery Center
Shadow Mountain is a unique place. Its location in the middle of a canyon is matched to no other. The atmosphere is very unique (in a good way). The mentors do an excellent job at mentoring, and Kasey (runs the place) is very good at what she does. Every Friday you go to a meeting then go out to eat. On Saturdays you either hike, or do team building exercises. On Sundays in the winter everyone goes up to Taos Ski Valley and either hangs out and plays cards, snowboard, or ski. This provides a nice break from the day to day grind. I find myself missing the atmosphere at times. If you’re willing to put the work into your recovery this place will help you and give you the tools you need. Shadow Mountain provides family oriented counseling. For some people this is what they need, and for some it is not. I’m giving this place 4 stars. The reason why I’m not giving it 5 is because of one counselor I didn’t see eye to eye with, who was initially running the place when I first got there. She shouldn’t have been running the place. There was no reasoning with her. Thankfully the higher ups understood that as well and brought in Kasey. Once Kasey started running the place, I found myself enjoying every bit of it.
Jon V.
Albuquerque Recovery Center
I absolutely loved this place and am very grateful for my experience here. The therapy is top notch and the staff makes you feel welcome from the Director to the Grounds Keeper. They keep you busy with activities and structure schedules to keep you busy and teach you the tools for life after recovery. I made great memories and friends I now call my Brothers.
Taos Recovery Center
There aren’t enough words to express how thankful I am with Shadow Mountain and the treatment they gave to me, what I lived there is something I won’t be able to live anywhere else, everything there was great and everything helped me to become who I am now.
Taos Recovery Center
I went to Shadow Mountain Rehab to address my issues with alcoholism and addiction. After realizing that for years I had been a functional addict I thought quitting or curbing this addiction would be easy but this disease is not so simple. Making the decision to go to Shadow Mountain Recovery in Taos, NM did not come lightly but I did understate how much personal effort I would be putting in. 30 days doesn’t solve everything but it does give you a chance to at least take stock of all that’s going on in your life. Drinking and Drugs are just a symptom of something deeper and unique to each individual addressing their issues. This program gave me the tools and support to truly begin the process of addressing addiction, searching within and finding myself. I am 2 months sober now and my journey that began in the mountains of Taos goes on but the journey has definitely been made easier by what I learned in recovery. Sobriety is possible & if you work it guess what, it can work!
Taos Recovery Center
Awesome, ethical, professional, positive outcomes, sharing and caring for peers in the addiction community, freedom!
Lawrence W.
Taos Recovery Center
Shadow mountain offered the support, wisdom and guidance my son needed and when he asked. My son is back…20 months sober…strong, clear and committed. Big love to all those who loved my son back to health.
Jane House
Taos Recovery Center
Shadow Mountain Detox Hospital has staff that is wonderful to work with. The program is designed to achieve the best possible success for the patient. The program content was helpful in understanding addiction and a better way to deal with it. A family member completed the program and was successful and comfortable through the difficult process of detox. The staff was helpful and kept the family informed on a daily basis.
This facility has two wonderful providers, Amanda Turner (APRN) and Justin Brinkerhoff (PA), who visit daily with the patients and fine-tune the plan of care to provide the greatest comfort for each and every patient in their detox process. The average length of stay is seven to ten days, and the nurses are all fantastic, offering the patients any as-needed medications to help treat the many symptoms of detox not otherwise covered by the scheduled medication regimen. The Executive Director of the facility, Dina Beach, is very approachable and competent, as well. There are a wide array of activities to help pass the time, as well, including movies, books, board games, etc. Most importantly, you will be listened to and respected, whether you are the incoming patient or a family/friend of the prospective patient. Ten out of ten in my book.