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It may not be surprising to learn that alcoholism is one of the most common forms of addiction. But did you know that less than one out of every 10 people with alcoholism receive treatment at a specialized alcohol use disorder facility? Not being treated for alcoholism can cause severe consequences. Alcohol use increases the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome in babies born to mothers who drink, elevates the risk of liver disease and cirrhosis, and can lead to death. Because drinking alcohol is normalized socially, it can seem impossible to recover when the temptation to drink is everywhere. 

Alcoholism treatment may be for you if you’ve:
  • Found that alcohol is negatively affecting your life
  • Tried to quit in the past but can’t because you’re physically dependent on alcohol
  • Experienced severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, depression, shakiness, hallucinations, and unstable heart rate
  • Tried other alcoholism treatment programs, but they didn’t address your needs or felt outdated and out of touch

Overcome Alcohol Addiction at Shadow Mountain

Alcohol use disorder is a medical condition where alcohol use becomes problematic and causes extreme distress. Depending on your symptoms, the disease can be mild, moderate, or severe. Your care and treatment plan will also depend on your symptoms and diagnosed condition. When it comes to treating AUD, each person has different needs.

Some individuals with an AUD diagnosis are dependent on alcohol and experience intense withdrawal symptoms if they stop drinking alcohol all at once. Withdrawal symptoms affect your mind and body. It can be uncomfortable and even dangerous, which is where clinical alcohol detox is beneficial. Alcohol is one of only two substances that, if not detoxed properfly, can be fatal.

Shadow Mountain can help you detox from alcohol and start your recovery. Our rehab centers help you get through the pain and discomfort of detox and withdrawal while also giving you the tools you need moving forward. Our counselors can help you address the emotional wounds contributing to alcohol use and help you heal damaged relationships.

Shadow Mountain can:
  • Help you safely detox from alcohol
  • Address your specific needs
  • Deal with withdrawal symptoms
  • Discover and treat the root cause of your addiction
  • Offer a path to recovery in a modern, innovative setting

Alcohol Rehab Designed with the Individual in Mind

Our alcohol rehab program offers support to help you through the entire withdrawal phase, including medication to ease your withdrawal symptoms and medical care for any mental health or medical conditions you may have. Withdrawal symptoms can last a week or longer and often peak 24 to 72 hours into the process. 

People are likely to remain in alcohol rehab when they have support. There are two main options for alcohol rehab programs with Shadow Mountain:

  • Residential. This treatment involves living at a detox clinic, hospital, or rehab center during the detox process. Throughout it all, you will have around-the-clock care.
  • Outpatient. In outpatient rehab care, you will receive treatment during the day but continue living at home. You will most likely visit your healthcare provider regularly to receive medication.

Generally, you will receive more services through the residential option, but it’s not realistic or necessary for everyone. Outpatient is more flexible while still being a safe and effective option. It may be especially ideal for those with mild to moderate alcohol problems. It’s best suited for individuals who don’t have other medical problems, have a stable home, have a support system, and don’t have an extended history of problematic drinking.

As long as you are not a current danger to yourself or others and can remain sober at home, other types of rehabilitation may be better suited for you. The following are examples of alternative treatment options.

  • Day Treatment or Partial Hospitalization. In this style of care, you continue living at home, but you visit a clinic or hospital for treatment a minimum of five days a week.
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment. This treatment consists of a series of visits that are more in-depth than traditional outpatient programs. These are often done following detox, residential rehab, or partial hospitalization. However, it can also be a way to prevent needing those services.

Recovery is Within Reach

Shadow Mountain Recovery Centers are places of healing where you can build the foundations essential to lasting change. We provide the tools and safe, effective treatment solutions for those with alcohol addiction. Alcohol addiction rehab isn’t a quick fix. We provide treatment and help with any mental health disorders that may exist along with addiction. Our mental health professionals are invested in your recovery, and we can help you discover the root cause of your addiction.

At our alcohol addiction rehab centers, you’ll receive the care you need for your recovery journey. These are the types of treatment typical of our addiction recovery programs:

  • Detox. If you or a loved one is physically dependent on alcohol, the first step to receiving treatment is detoxing the body of this toxin. This detox will eliminate the physical need for alcohol.
  • Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapies. To treat the mental dependency on alcohol, you or a loved one will learn healthy ways of coping with stress and past trauma. Behavioral therapies are important because they can decrease the chance of you or your loved one having a major substance use problem later in life.
  • Family Therapy. There are many serious concerns and questions that family members have when their loved one is experiencing addiction. Family therapy sessions address these questions and concerns. Family members can be one of the most important sources of long-term recovery, and maintaining healthy relationships can be learned through this form of therapy.
  • Specific Programs. Our locations have many options to cater to particular needs. Therapy in exercise, like yoga, is offered at all our residential facilities. At our Taos and Rio Rancho locations, we offer gender-specific treatment. This approach can be necessary because, in the United States, the rate of alcoholism among men is more than twice the rate of alcoholism among women. Men might need specific alcohol rehab treatment that’s different from women’s needs and vice versa.


Begin Healing with Shadow Mountain

At Shadow Mountain, we believe in making quality treatment available to those who need it most. We do our best to work with insurance companies to keep the cost to our clients affordable, and we never compromise the quality of our treatment.

While every Shadow Mountain rehab center is unique, there are some things you can expect from each program:

  • Medically-assisted treatment by qualified medical professionals
  • Intense family focus, including family therapy and family weekends
  • Case management to ease the transition from detox to residential treatment to ongoing recovery
  • Personal, caring treatment from invested professionals

Are you ready for a fresh start?