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When Can a Residential Treatment Program Help?

Residential care and treatment programs provide a safe and supportive environment to begin the process of recovery and healing. Residential treatment is the best option when a person’s living situation isn’t supportive or when they need ongoing medical oversight. 

The professional staff at Shadow Mountain Recovery is trained to guide you through the recovery process, and their help can make all the difference in your treatment outcome.

The Benefits of Healing in a Supportive Community

We strive to create an environment for comfort, healing, and community at Shadow Mountain Recovery. When you or your family member is ready to seek help, our residential treatment centers provide routines, responsibilities, goals, and other tools for successful healing to continue after treatment.  

The community at Shadow Mountain Recovery provides accountability to change habits while you work with therapists and other staff on your treatment plan. Your recovery is important to us. We work with you during your stay and teach you tools to continue healing once your inpatient plan is complete.

The Residential Treatment Option

Treatment in a residential or inpatient treatment program allows you or your loved one to focus solely on recovery. Residential treatment offers a supportive environment with helpful groups, therapies, and medically-trained staff.

Access to various methods, therapies, and classes can make residential treatment plans much more enjoyable while establishing skills needed for the future.

Shadow Mountain Recovery residential treatment offers:

  • Scenic residential treatment locations that allow space for reflection and healing
  • On-site staff to provide treatment, serving mental and physical health needs 
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Life skills training including anger management, communication, and job-related skills.
  • Holistic therapies such as yoga, Tai Chi, exercise classes, meditation, journaling, and cooking classes
  • Spacious living spaces with nutritious meals and community gathering spots
  • Comfortable rooms that provide space with some privacy

Don’t let cost stand in the way of your recovery.


Healing is Possible

You and your loved one deserve the best possible future. Shadow Mountain Recovery can help you achieve healing through our residential treatment programs. Our staff works with you on an individualized treatment plan to make the recovery process as safe and comfortable as possible.

Shadow Mountain Recovery focuses on the whole health of each person. Our team of compassionate and professional staff understands the difficulties of recovery and works with you every step of the way. Let us help you through the next steps toward recovery to find the path to long-term healing.

We never want finances to get in the way of getting the treatment you deserve, so we accept most major insurances. Our admissions specialists are ready to help you start treatment.

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