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Benefits of New Mexico’s Senate Bill 317

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Accessible Addiction Treatment in New Mexico

People in New Mexico have more access to addiction treatment than in the past, thanks to New Mexico Senate Bill 317. The “No Behavioral Health Cost Sharing” bill, effective Jan. 1, 2022, allows New Mexico residents to receive addiction treatment without cost-sharing, including a deductible.

SB 317 establishes accessibility to behavioral health services, including addiction treatment. The law prevents insurance companies from charging copays, deductibles, and other types of cost-sharing. It’s effective through the end of 2026 to provide access to those seeking a pathway to recovery.

Take Advantage of Lower Cost Treatment

How Senate Bill 317 Can Help

SB 317 allows those covered by most health insurance policies to seek addiction treatment without the financial worry of copays and deductibles. Addiction treatment is now within reach of many who previously couldn’t seek help due to financial concerns.

Addiction treatment benefits of SB 317 include: 

  • Less Out-of-Pocket Cost. The law ends copays, coinsurance,  and deductibles for people covered by qualified insurance as specified in SB 317.
  • Coverage for Behavioral Health Services. Treatment related to behavioral health is included in the SB 317 coverage, including substance use and co-occurring disorders.
  • Individual Treatment Plans Included. Residential treatment options, outpatient treatments, medications, and associated programs are included in the coverage provided by SB 317.
  • Additional Funding for Uninsured Residents. SB 317 also specified funding for uninsured residents seeking behavioral health services, including addiction treatment programs.

The Time to Heal is Now

Finding the Best Addiction Treatment Program

Senate Bill 317 offers new hope to people needing addiction treatment. Shadow Mountain Recovery is ready to help people who can now consider treatment for addiction to alcohol or other substances. We offer various programs and therapies to help treat addiction, including:

  • Safe detox to remove alcohol or other substances from the body
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment to lessen the discomfort associated with detox and withdrawal
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment to help address mental health concerns that exist alongside addiction

We also offer residential or outpatient treatments in four locations to best suit your needs.

Navigating Insurance with Senate Bill 317

Senate Bill 317 is still fairly new, so educate yourself on what is covered before contacting your health insurance provider. Eligible health plans are those “delivered, issued for delivery or renewed in New Mexico.” The law is in effect through Dec.31, 2026. When contacting your insurance company to determine coverage for addiction treatment, verify any stated costs by asking how they apply SB 317. 

If your insurance company wants a copay or asks for a deductible amount, refer to the information shared through the New Mexico Officer of Superintendent of Insurance on Senate Bill 317. The law covers behavioral health service costs except for emergency room and urgent care services. These emergency services are not included under SB 317, so copays, coinsurance, and deductibles are possible. 

The law also sets aside funding for those qualified New Mexico uninsured residents. Contact Shadow Mountain Recovery today to discuss your insurance situation and see how SB 317 can help.

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Don’t Miss This Chance for Addiction Treatment in New Mexico

If you or a loved one needs addiction treatment, the window of time for eligibility under SB 317 closes at the end of 2026. Now is the time to start.

Shadow Mountain Recovery can help. We offer individualized treatment plans for healing and recovery. Our professional staff can also assist you to be sure you receive all benefits of Senate Bill 317.

Your long-term health and well-being are important to us. Shadow Mountain Recovery encourages you to contact us with questions about SB 317 or addiction treatment. We want you to succeed on your recovery and healing journey. Let us help you use SB 317 assistance.

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