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What is Evidence-Based Therapy?

Evidence-based addiction treatment programs are based on scientific evidence. Scientists have researched the methods thoroughly and replicated the results repeatedly. Experts recognize them as sound mental health treatments. Through time and repeated documentation, these therapies have shown to be successful.

An evidence-based therapy should meet the following criteria:

  • Researched, studied, and documented in peer-reviewed scientific journals
  • Helped people achieve the desired outcome during treatment
  • Standardized, meaning there are set instructions and recommendations about who should use the therapy
  • Tested in multiple environments with consistent outcomes

As a leader in substance use disorder treatment and mental health issues, we provide unique and customizable options for client care. At Shadow Mountain Recovery, we use evidence-based substance abuse treatment in our residential and outpatient programs to help you during your healing journey.

Evidence-Based Therapy at Shadow Mountain Recovery

At Shadow Mountain Recovery, we use evidence-based therapies to help discover the root cause of your addiction and start your healing journey. Our centers are places of healing where you can have the difficult but necessary conversations essential to lasting change. Our compassionate professionals invest in your recovery, and we believe in making quality treatment available to those who need it most.

Some of the evidence-based treatments for substance abuse we use at Shadow Mountain Recovery Centers include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). In this type of treatment, people explore how they learn and unlearn specific behaviors. Therapists guide clients to make behavioral changes that can help them overcome addiction.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). The primary goal of DBT is to teach people how to develop healthy ways to cope with stress, regulate their emotions, and improve their relationships with others. It can help clients who struggle with emotional regulation or exhibit self-destructive behaviors.
  • Family Behavioral Therapy (FBT). This treatment style is for people with substance use disorders and their loved ones who the behavior impacted. With the help of a trained therapist, the family can work together to reveal old wounds and heal from them.
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Originally designed to alleviate the stress associated with traumatic memories, EMDR helps people heal from the emotional distress from disturbing life experiences.

All treatments at Shadow Mountain Recovery are tailored to your individual needs. We consider various factors during assessments, including personal history, type of addiction, length of drug or alcohol use, physical and mental health status, and so much more.

How Much is Evidence-Based Substance Abuse Treatment?

It’s natural to wonder if high-quality care for substance abuse treatment is affordable. Our team is ready to help you determine the benefits available to you through your insurance and Senate Bill 317. At Shadow Mountain Recovery, we believe you deserve access to evidence-based substance abuse treatment and are committed to helping you find an affordable path toward recovery.

So if you are concerned or have questions about paying for evidence-based substance abuse treatment, give us a call. We are ready to provide clarity and support for your journey.

Benefits of Evidence-Based Substance Abuse Treatment

One of the main benefits of using evidence-based treatments for substance abuse is how well they work for most people. Using evidence-based therapy, our professional staff can create personalized treatment plans that increase each client’s chances of a good result. These treatments work with clients rather than against them and help them improve their lifestyle by assisting them in building the skills they need to deal with stress and stay sober.

Some of the key benefits of evidence-based treatments for substance use disorder are:

  • Improved treatment outcomes and relationships with loved ones
  • Reduced risk of relapse and a better understanding of how thoughts and feelings influence actions
  • Greater long-term success in recovery and new coping skills for dealing with triggers and cravings

How Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment Works

Every client is unique, so personalized treatment is necessary for recovery. Although mental health professionals commonly use evidence-based treatment, it works because they can tailor it to your needs. Evidence-based therapies used in addiction treatment ensure clients receive the best care possible during their healing journey.

With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you learn to change negative thought patterns, which alters behaviors and helps you develop healthy coping skills that will serve you for years. Dialectical Behavior Therapy teaches you how to manage intense emotions and navigate social relationships. In Family Behavioral Therapy, you and your family members closely examine your relationships and the past to uncover wounds and openly communicate about addiction.

Through this work, you build a strong foundation for healing while working with a support network to help you as you move forward on your path to recovery.


Why Choose Shadow Mountain Recovery?

Shadow Mountain Recovery Centers are places of healing where you can build the foundations essential to lasting change. We provide the tools and safe, effective treatment solutions for people with addiction. We also provide treatment and help with any mental health disorders that may exist along with addiction. Our mental health professionals are invested in your recovery and can help you discover the root cause of your addiction.

We do our best to work with insurance companies to keep the cost of treatment affordable because we never want the cost to get in the way of you getting the help you need. Our treatment centers specialize in:

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