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It’s Time to Break the Cycle of Addiction

It started rather innocently. A drink or two at the end of a hard day, a substance to take the edge off and calm your racing thoughts, or an extra dose of prescription medication to make sure it actually dulled the pain. But before you knew it, it was happening every day, and it was taking increasingly more alcohol or drugs to get the same feeling. You tried to stop, but you felt terrible, and the cravings were just too great. Now you’re fighting with loved ones and getting ultimatums to change. You’re in trouble at work, and financial problems are a constant stressor. You’re hanging out with people you don’t even like and doing things you aren’t proud of. This life isn’t how you expected to live. You’re on the verge of losing what little you have left. You can’t do this anymore.

You need a rehab center that:

  • Can help you detox from the substances that have consumed your life
  • Helps you get through the pain and discomfort of withdrawal
  • Gives you tools for dealing with future stressors and fighting cravings
  • Connects you with a trusted counselor who will help you heal emotional wounds that contribute to addiction
  • Provides tools for healing your relationships
  • Feels like a safe and trusting environment that allows you to focus on healing
  • Sets you up for a life of sobriety

Find Healing at Shadow Mountain Recovery Centers

Shadow Mountain has four unique addiction treatment centers in New Mexico. Each addiction clinic provides specific types of treatment, depending on your needs. We help you heal in a safe, collaborative, trusting space regardless of location.

Shadow Mountain’s Albuquerque Recovery Center offers medically-assisted detox and an outpatient rehabilitation program. Our Albuquerque program uses our trademark treatment approach of intensive family therapy and evidence-based treatments to achieve lasting results for our patients.

Shadow Mountain’s Rio Ranch Detox Center is an addiction detox and recovery intensive for men. At Rio Rancho, we offer a comprehensive assessment to determine the root cause of substance use. The detox and ensuing treatment plan typically last no longer than 14 days.

Shadow Mountain’s Santa Fe Recovery Center is a unique drug rehabilitation center that focuses on helping people heal and rebuild while connecting with nature and the spirituality of the southwest. The Santa Fe drug detox and residential center uses adventure therapy like hiking and experiential therapy like local art to help people recover and heal. The nature and mystique of the southwest lend to the spirituality that’s at the core of addiction treatment.

Shadow Mountain’s Taos Recovery Center is a residential treatment facility that treats men. Our Taos location specializes in trauma-informed care and experiential programs such as equine therapy, music, and other active approaches to recovery.


Recovery at Shadow Mountain

Shadow Mountain addiction centers provide safe, effective treatment for people with addiction, prescription pill dependency, and substance abuse. We also help you with any mental health disorders that may exist along with addiction. Our programs use evidence-based treatments proven to work. You’ll partner with compassionate mental health professionals invested in your recovery.

At Shadow Mountain rehab centers, you will find a place to leave addiction behind, heal your wounds, and prepare for life-long recovery. We don’t promise a quick fix. You have to recognize your problem and commit to the work, but we provide a safe place to have difficult conversations essential to lasting change. We help you get clean, discover the root cause of your addiction, heal from it, and stop addictive behaviors. In the process, we give you tools that build a foundation for lifelong sobriety.

Impactful interaction with you and your loved ones is at the core of everything we do in our New Mexico drug rehabilitation centers. Our team of clinical professionals evaluates your individual needs and creates a rehabilitation program specific to you. The program includes treatment in the rehab center and effective aftercare decisions.

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