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Recognized Standards of Excellence

At Shadow Mountain Recovery Centers, our programs are licensed and have received national accreditation from The Joint Commission, ensuring the highest standard of care. We provide safe and effective treatment options for people dealing with addiction, prescription pill dependency, and substance abuse, and with any accompanying mental health disorders.

Joint Commission Gold Seal_National

The Joint Commission is an independent, non-profit organization crucial to ensuring quality healthcare standards. By setting rigorous standards and conducting evaluations, The Joint Commission promotes patient safety and enhances the quality of care. 

Achieving accreditation from The Joint Commission signifies Shadow Mountain Recovery’s commitment to providing safe and effective care, as well as a dedication to continuous improvement.

We also are recognized by the following organizations:

Vista Research Group Logo

Vista Research Group

Vista Research Group specializes in evaluating and recognizing excellence in addiction treatment programs. With a focus on evidence-based practices, outcomes measurement, and continuous quality improvement, Vista Research Group plays a crucial role in the addiction treatment field.

Their assessments and certifications provide valuable insights into the effectiveness and quality of treatment programs, helping individuals and their families make informed decisions about their care.

Vista Research Group’s recognition signifies our commitment to evidence-based approaches, positive outcomes, and the highest standards of care. Being certified by Vista Research Group demonstrates Shadow Mountain Recovery’s dedication to delivering exceptional services and improving the lives of those affected by addiction.


The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) is a leader in promoting best practices, ethical standards, and advocacy for addiction treatment providers. 

As a member of the NAATP, Shadow Mountain Recovery Centers demonstrates our commitment to excellence and dedication to upholding the highest standards of care. You can trust our adherence to evidence-based approaches, quality outcomes, and a client-centered focus in providing exceptional addiction treatment services.

NM Leaders in Recovery

Shadow Mountain Recovery Centers is proud to participate in New Mexico Leaders in Recovery, a coalition of behavioral health providers in the state. Their focus is to improve access to addiction treatment, reduce stigma, and advance best practices in the field.

Shadow Mountain Recovery’s affiliation with NM Leaders in Recovery reflects our commitment to these values and dedication to promoting positive outcomes. We are committed to serving our community by advancing the field of addiction treatment within the state of New Mexico.

LC3 Behavioral Health Collaboratives

LC3 Behavioral Health Collaboratives prioritizes collaborative efforts to enhance behavioral health services. As a participant of LC3, Shadow Mountain Recovery fosters partnerships among healthcare providers, community organizations, and people with lived experiences to improve the overall quality and accessibility of behavioral health care.

We are dedicated to collaborative and integrated care models. Participating in LC3 is one way Shadow Mountain Recovery pursues our commitment to working together with other organizations to deliver comprehensive and holistic services.

Why Our Accreditation and Partnerships Matter

You deserve access to high-quality treatment to maximize your potential for sustained recovery. At Shadow Mountain Recovery, you can have peace of mind knowing governing bodies recognize our centers and programs. Our licensing and accreditation represents our commitment to meeting high-quality standards of care. 

The state of New Mexico recognizes each of our locations as meeting specific legal requirements and operating within established guidelines. 

In addition, accreditation from The Joint Commission indicates our compliance with rigorous, independent national standards. 

Shadow Mountain Recovery submits our programs to continual evaluation and exceeds the criteria for quality care, patient safety, and ethical practices. You can have confidence in seeking treatment for yourself or your loved one knowing Shadow Mountain Recovery is a reputable organization dedicated to providing optimal care.

Recovery at Shadow Mountain

Shadow Mountain Recovery Centers offers impactful treatment for substance use and addiction recovery in four locations across New Mexico. In addition to detoxification and addiction recovery, our team is trained to address mental health disorders or concerns. We use evidence-based treatments and compassionate care to support you in overcoming addiction and help you transition to living substance-free. 

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