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Taos Drug Rehab for Men

Taos Men’s Recovery Center is a unique drug detox and residential rehabilitation treatment center built around helping you heal and rebuild. Nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the Carson National Forest, the Shadow Mountain Recovery Center in Taos is an ideal setting for individuals who need a focused break from their daily lives to discover paths for healing and recovery. 

With nearly 40 acres of pristine mountainous terrain, our clients can enjoy the beauty of nature while engaging in the deep work necessary for healing and recovery. Our evidence-based treatment programs emphasize authentic whole-person care focused on successful recoveries for you or your loved one.

Location and Address

Shadow Mountain Taos Men’s Detox And Residential Addiction Treatment Center
250 Shadow Mountain Road
Taos, NM 87571

Phone: (575) 208-5914
Hours: Open 24 Hours

Start Healing at Taos Men’s Recovery Center

At Shadow Mountain Recovery in Taos, the nature surrounding you offers lessons for your recovery. As you engage in our 4-week intensive program, you realize you have the resilience to live and thrive in any surroundings.

We introduce you to various treatment options, from 12-step recovery principles to SMART recovery, Dharma recovery, and Refuge recovery. Our master’s level clinicians can support your healing with daily group therapy and twice-weekly private sessions. 

Program features include:

  • A 28-day residential program with 24/7 staffing
  • Licensed mental health therapists, counselors, social workers, nurses, medical providers, nutritional consultation, and psychiatrists
  • Native healing rituals (i.e, sweat lodge, prayer)
  • Holistic modalities (i.e., meditation, mindfulness, acupuncture, yoga, body and breathwork) 
  • Emotionally focused therapy (EFT)
  • Reiki, a Japanese form of energy healing
  • Expressive arts and music (i.e., music studio, musicians on staff, and inviting clients to bring instruments and play music)
  • Health and fitness activities (i.e., a fitness center, hiking, nutrition, meal planning, basketball, and volleyball)
  • A year of aftercare support
  • Direct access to Shadow Mountain’s outpatient treatment services and our intensive family treatment weekends
  • A 1:6 staff/client ratio
  • Emphasis on trauma-informed, dual-diagnosis, individualized treatment of substance use disorder, mental health, and relationship problems
  • Case management services for comprehensive needs assessment and referrals to meet those needs
  • On-campus & community-based recovery meetings
  • Multiple staff with their own recovery journeys to share 
  • Gender-specific treatment for men
  • Network of Shadow Mountain Recovery alumni to support early and long-lasting recovery

Shadow Mountain Taos amenities:

  • More than 20 beds
  • World-class chef
  • A 37-acre property at about 9,000 feet elevation
  • Well-equipped gym
  • Basketball court
  • Yoga and meditation studio
  • Access to multiple hiking trails
  • Gorgeous location with close access to the mountains, the desert, and the town of Taos
  • Near various recreational activities such as floating on the Rio Grande, overnight camping, local fishing, and driving along scenic byways
  • Access to State parks, national monuments, and forests
  • Views of the Rocky and the Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges

Our programs are individualized, medically and therapeutically appropriate, licensed, and nationally accredited by The Joint Commission. We provide safe, effective treatment solutions for those struggling with addiction, prescription pill dependency, and substance abuse; with and without co-occurring mental health disorders.

Shadow Mountain Recovery in Taos is a peaceful environment designed to support your healing. If this sounds like a great fit for you to begin recovery but you’re concerned about how to afford this type of care, let us help you find a path to get the treatment you deserve.

Our admissions team will help you navigate insurance coverage and understand benefits you may not be aware of, like the support provided through Senate Bill 317. Don’t let cost stand in the way of your healing. Take the first step.

4-Week Intensive Program in Taos

Taos Men’s Recovery Center knows everyone needs a personalized treatment plan to achieve lasting recovery. Being located in Taos, we can incorporate nature, spirituality, and the culture of the Southwest into different therapies shaped to your unique needs.

Our intensive four-week program in Taos creates an individualized and community-based approach to treatment. In collaboration with licensed clinical therapists, clients engage in individual psychotherapy and collaborate to create treatment plans to address their specific needs. Clients engage in various treatments, including group therapies, psycho-educational groups, recreational activities, and medical treatments.

Our 1-to-6 staff-to-patient ratio ensures our team knows each client and receives the individualized care needed. We combine highly personalized care to guide each client’s evidence-based treatment plans with a group approach to cultivate a supportive community built around foundational pillars imperative to long-term recovery. 

Each of the four weeks has a theme related to overcoming substance use, repairing self and relationships, and enhancing the quality of life. We walk with our clients through each week:

  • Grief and loss (a quiet, covert contributor to substance use)
  • Trauma and shame (trauma as a gateway drug)
  • Spirituality and recovery (substance use as a spiritual disease)
  • Identity and finding self (loss of self in substance use disorders)

As clients work through treatment, we also address psychiatric and health concerns by incorporating psychiatry, holistic treatment modalities, nutritional consultation and education, and integrated medical care.

Everyone with a substance use disorder has different reasons for using drugs or alcohol. We also know each client will return home to different environments after graduating from our program. By helping our patients become more at ease with their authentic selves, we can help set up a foundation for successful recovery.

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Recovery at Shadow Mountain

Shadow Mountain Recovery Centers are fully committed to the success of each of our clients. We address all substance use disorders and assess and treat any underlying mental health challenges. At the same time, we help you repair and resolve the family and relationship issues damaged by substance use.

We believe that healing and recovery happen within the context of relationships and community. Creating a culture and climate conducive to recovery is a priority at every Shadow Mountain Recovery location.

If you or your loved one would like to learn more about our 28-day intensive men’s rehab program in Taos, New Mexico, we’d love to help you start your recovery journey.

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