Residential Treatment Program in New Mexico

Overview of Residential Treatment Programs

It is easy to become overwhelmed during the search for addiction treatment. There are certain advantages to each type of rehabilitation treatment. Residential rehab, also known as inpatient rehab, is a proven approach to treatment in the early stages of recovery.

As a leader in substance use disorder treatment and mental health issues, we provide unique and customizable options for patient care. Shadow Mountain Recovery offers two distinct primary care residential treatment programs in New Mexico.

Inpatient rehabilitation is also known as residential care for addiction. It is a life-changing opportunity for families finally ready to tackle their drug and alcohol addiction.

What is Inpatient Rehab?

Residential care means you stay on-site during your recovery and detoxification process. Patient therapy is focused on providing education for people who are struggling with drug abuse and/or substance abuse. In many cases, it features a patient stay at a rehab facility 24/7. Most residential treatment facilities provide family weekend options and community events while in recovery.

Our residential treatment centers offer a comfortable, supportive atmosphere geared towards long term recovery. Our treatment programs in New Mexico focus on a holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction. Each facility is located in a scenic setting that provides access to individualized care and mental health services.

An important advantage of our treatment centers is the environment that surrounds the recovery process. Inpatient drug rehab allows a person to take control of their life by helping establish daily schedules and responsibilities.. It also provides a safe, practical environment to practice life skills and recognize the many challenges of mental health issues.

Another critical advantage to inpatient care is therapy options are always close by. Group therapy is an important part of addiction treatment that helps patients openly discuss their drug abuse in a confidential care facility setting. This includes daily sessions that build coping skills patients need when fighting drug and alcohol addiction. It’s real world, real time counseling designed to help you rediscover your authentic self.


With Shadow Mountain inpatient residential care, our counseling professionals are always close-at-hand to help you. In addition, residential care offers group therapy, led by addiction recovery specialists, where you can connect to others on a similar recovery journey.

Residential treatment is a fresh start to focus solely on recovery and building a better life for your family. Our care facility staff will help manage your withdrawal symptoms that can be crippling and dangerous. For most people with serious addiction, the recovery journey begins with a detox. It’s why our trained medical staff carefully oversees clients in detox at Shadow Mountain and monitors clients in detox day and night to detox safely.

We focus on any underlying mental illnesses, known as co-occurring disorders, that could contribute to drug or alcohol use. Our medical team works with licensed therapists to treat any co-occurring disorders, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Inpatient rehab is also a unique type of treatment because it also provides options for relapse prevention that aren’t found in all other treatment types.

Because drugs and alcohol are banned in residential treatment programs, it’s more difficult to relapse or connect to unhealthy lifestyles. Alcohol, drugs, and addictive activities will be monitored closely in an inpatient setting.

Quality inpatient programs help each patient develop skills to resist relapse and temptation. Counseling, support, aftercare, and step-down outpatient treatment are all designed to build a strong foundation for long term recovery.

During treatment, it will be easy to recognize certain items in the past will not be a healthy option for your future. One way to do this is by being open with a specialized care team about life before rehab, being open to suggestions about changes that need made to your environment and new social habits after treatment.

Residential Treatment Facility In New Mexico

Is Inpatient Drug Rehab Right for Me?

In many cases, inpatient care gives those seeking for substance abuse treatment a new option for long term care. It’s the opportunity to improve life and communication skills. Our teams take the time to listen to your story and goals for treatment without judgment.

Inpatient treatment can be a huge opportunity for those struggling with addiction. This is especially true if the entire family is being impacted by unique life struggles from substance abuse. These can include:

  • Chaotic home life: unstable home environments can sabotage treatment. Time away can help regroup and refocus attention on living a better life. Also, sometimes getting away from the everyday scenery of life can lead to substantial breakthroughs.
  • Not responding to other types of care: our programs can help address chronic relapse and the ongoing struggle that accompanies it.
  • Recently out of a detox program: often, a medically managed detox is the first crucial step of care. This is only the first step, so residential care is a critical next step in the recovery journey.

Our team works to create individualized programs that cater to each need by focusing on holistic options that prioritize the mind, body and spirit.

Programs like ours at Shadow Mountain offer a full continuum of care managed by Master’s level staff and industry experts. There are many forms of drug treatment and rehabilitation that use various methods. Statistics show the longer you commit to treatment, the better you’ll fare at achieving long term recovery.


What Can I Expect During Inpatient Rehab?

Residential programs provide around-the-clock therapy during the recovery journey. These programs administer addiction treatment for various issues by focusing their expert staff’s skill sets on the needs of those attending the programs. Residential treatment centers are intensive, clinically focused, live-in facilities where patients grow in a supportive environment that prioritizes recovery.

At Shadow Mountain Recovery, our treatment facilities focus on evidence-based approaches designed to complement our individualized care plans and holistic strategies. These include:

  • Individualized treatment: individual therapy sessions, and customized treatment plans
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): CBT is also called talk therapy and it focuses on identifying negative thoughts that lead to addictive behaviors.
  • Life skills training: communication skills, anger management, and vocational skills
  • Holistic therapies:Yoga, Tai Chi, exercise classes, meditation, journaling, and healthy cooking classes.

When thinking of choosing a residential addiction treatment facility, it’s important to develop a list of “must-have” elements. Time in drug rehabilitation treatment often depends on how treatment is progressing, which means each treatment program is different. Some inpatient programs last a few weeks while others may require a full month to develop the tools you need. Think of this time as an investment in your family’s future.

Look into the Future with Shadow Mountain Recovery

Considering inpatient rehab can be a lot to process. Making a choice to seek care in a residential care facility is a tremendous step in securing a successful future. If you’re looking for a rehab program that will support wellness both during and after, then Shadow Mountain Recovery can help.

From the time we receive a call to the moment someone walks out our door, they will receive unmatched care from quality, compassionate professionals who understand recovery. It begins with our caring admissions and intake teams, who will meet with you and your family to assess and create an individualized plan. Our treatment approach is comprehensive with a focus on whole person health and wellness. We take into consideration various factors during assessments, including personal history, type of addiction, length of drug or alcohol use, physical and mental health status, and so much more.

If you or a loved one needs an individualized treatment plan for addiction and mental health, then call Shadow Mountain Recovery today: 800-203-8249.

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