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Dual Diagnosis

The historical and cultural feelings of the Southwest are almost spiritual in nature, helping our recovering clients feel like they are a part of something larger than themselves. Our Master’s Level Clinicians utilize our surroundings to help get to the root cause of our client’s substance use AND mental health issues.

detox treatment in new mexico

Detox Treatment

The first step in the continuum of care for many clients is detoxification. Our licensed medical professionals help mitigate the pain of withdrawal and clear the body of any substances, all in comfortable surroundings. With the mountain and deserts of the Southwest as a backdrop, our clients feel right at home in New Mexico.

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Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment programs allow our clients quiet time to reflect and to fully heal. We offer a safe place for people to learn new coping methods and life-skills as well as address any underlying root causes of their addictions. This helps them prepare for life after treatment before having to test them out in real-world scenarios.

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Outpatient Treatment

Our Albuquerque Intensive Outpatient Treatment Center is a unique addiction treatment program built around healing and rebuilding the family. Our patients participate in a 12-Step Alternative program with additional psychotherapy, depending on their personal needs. Each individual's treatment is tailored to promote long-lasting recovery. 


Shadow Mountain Santa Fe is a unique drug rehab built around helping individuals heal and rebuild. Our drug detox and residential facility is a unique opportunity for our clients to reconnect with themselves in a breath-taking atmosphere steeped in the history and culture of the Southwest.

It allows our patients the ability to reconnect with themselves and their roots. They are able to participate in adventure therapy with a hike at Santa Fe National Forest or pick up art therapy ideas from community art shows.

Patients in our care will have the option to participate in a or a unique alternative to 12-step program, built to enable long-lasting rehabilitation from substance addiction.

The nature and mystique of the Southwest lend to the spirituality that is often at the core of addiction treatment. We are an all-inclusive treatment center that taps into that spirituality to help some clients fill the void that substance use can cause. 

Santa Fe Women's Addiction Treatment Center

Our evidence-based treatment programs have an underlying emphasis on true, holistic approaches, focused on outcomes that lead to successful recoveries for you or your loved one.

Individualized Treatment in the Calming Influence of Santa Fe

Located just outside Santa Fe, the wide-open landscapes, the beautiful sunsets, and the clean air give our clients the calming and quiet atmosphere that they need to focus on themselves and their recovery.

We know that all of our clients have different backgrounds, upbringings, and stresses. Our goal is to provide them with the atmosphere needed to build a solid foundation in their recovery journey before they go home to a different environment after graduating from treatment. 

Shadow Mountain Recovery is acutely aware that everyone needs a different treatment plan and Santa Fe allows us to incorporate nature, spirituality, the culture, and the history of the Southwest into different therapies shaped to each individual’s needs.

We’re able to make sure each patient truly receives that individual care with our 1 to 6 staff to patient ratio, meaning that all our employees have plenty of time to get to know each of our clients.

Shadow Mountain believes in individualized treatment because recovery is not one size that fits all

Our patients have the ability to experience the best Santa Fe has to offer while receiving the help that they need. They have:

  • Access to area parks and historical sites as part of an individual’s theraputic needs
  • Unique assignments that focus on growth and meeting goals
  • Skills and life training that include meal planning at the local farmer’s markets

A Dual Diagnosis Center with the Numbers to Back It!

As many as 40% of people struggling with addiction also have a co-occurring mental disorder that has either caused or exacerbated their substance abuse. 

Due to this, Shadow Mountain Recovery provides dual diagnosis treatment, meaning that we have psychologists and psychiatrists on our regular staff, and ensure that underlying mental illnesses are thoroughly treated. 

Treating underlying mental illness ensures recovery is more likely to stick. As evidenced by our industry-leading program completion rates, our dual diagnosis focus also enables our clients to complete the full program, even if they’ve habitually failed to complete other programs in the past.

Among the 267 clients discharged between January 31, 2019, and January 31, 2020, a total of 90% across the various facilities successfully completed treatment. Every center had at least 85% successful completion.

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A dual diagnosis drug rehab may be the first time our clients have gotten to speak with a professional psychologist or psychiatrist, and gives them a chance to finally have their full needs accurately diagnosed and supported.

Our Master’s Level clinicians are available to every client staying at our inpatient drug rehab. In addition to daily groups and twice weekly private therapy sessions, our patients will be able to:

  • Utilize healing outdoor spaces
  • Engage in sobriety with a meaningful and reflective curriculum
  • Take full advantage of the cultural wealth of the Santa Fe Arts community
  • Enjoy a healthy menu in conjunction with trips to the local farmer's market for family meal planning

In a landscape that may appear barren to some, part of the mystique that surrounds the Southwest is the display of the resilience that inhabits us all.

From beautiful rock formations to the plants and animals that make their home in some of the harshest environments in America.

Our clients can draw from the nature that surrounds them, and realize that they too, have the resilience to not only live but thrive in any surrounding.

A Top-Notch Drug & Alcohol Detox on the Premises

Shadow Mountain Women's Addiction Treatment Center

Chemical dependence has physical as well as mental consequences. Some drugs can even be dangerous to quit cold-turkey, depending on your personal medical history.

Shadow Mountain Recovery has a detox center with 24-hour medical support right on the premises. 

Having to go through detox can be a trying time for clients. Our safe and calming location paired with having qualified doctors on staff at our drug rehab keep our clients comfortable throughout the process.

Unlike social detox where medical professionals aren’t present and the need to go cold turkey without medication can even be life threatening, our process allows for a safe transition into residential treatment once clients are medically stable again.

A Unique Alcoholism Treatment Center

Shadow Mountain’s treatment programs stand out among the rest. For example, most alcoholism treatment at other rehabs offer only 12-Step programming.

While 12-Step treatment for alcoholism, and narcotics treatment variations, have been successful for many, the faith-based approach does not work for everyone.

That is why we take a more spiritual approach that is all-inclusive. Many of our clients are able to connect with the mystique and spirituality that helps define the Southwest.

Many people need an alternative as some find 12-Step methods to be helpful, yet need additional counseling or treatment. 

Shadow Mountain Recovery’s individualized treatment plans support 12-Step methods, 12-Step alternatives, or a combination of the two.

  • Unique alcoholism treatment with multiple options
  • Different approaches to alcoholism treatment incorporate dual diagnosis and therapy
  • An all-inclusive spiritual focus

Inpatient Mental Health Facility and Addiction Rehab

Shadow Mountain combines quality medical care with psychology and counseling.
Taking a full mental health approach to addiction also requires teaching our clients self-care, and ensuring that they have a proper after-care plan in place when they leave our drug rehab center.

We treat each of our clients as people at our inpatient mental health facility, looking not only at their addiction but at all their medical and mental needs to get back on track. 

  • Holistic addiction treatment that includes mental health
  • Life skills taught to ensure an appropriate mental health regimen can be continued after treatment
  • Whole-body treatment that includes healthy meal planning

Our inpatient mental health facility can help you or a loved one with anxietydepressionbipolar disorder, and other mental health issues.

At Shadow Mountain, we use a combination of evidence-based treatments to provide our patients with new, healthier coping mechanisms after they leave our facility. 

We provide our patients with therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral TherapyDialectical Behavioral TherapyTrauma-Informed Care, and Activity-Based Therapy.

The Most Committed Rehabilitation Center in Northern New Mexico

Women's Addiction Treatment Facility Sanfe Fe

Here at Shadow Mountain Santa Fe, we are fully committed to the success of each of our clients.

We address addiction to various substances, and our unique drug rehab is specifically designed to troubleshoot and identify any underlying causes of your addiction.

Our location in the great American Southwest allows us to treat our clients to the calm and beauty that surrounds us daily. We are able to provide amazing adventure therapy opportunities in the many local state parks and historical sites, as well as to immerse them in the culture of the thriving local art scene. 

These unique outlets can help connect our clients to something greater than themselves and experience that feeling of community that they may have been missing.

Program features:

  • Conveniently located off the CanAm Highway
  • Heavy emphasis on self-care
  • Integrated family therapy
  • 1:6 staff to patient ratio
  • Family program offered at our Albuquerque location after residential is complete

Our Location

Located just outside of Santa Fe, our drug and alcohol detox and residential treatment center is the perfect place for you or a loved one to get a fresh start. It’s perfect for any individual who needs the environment of a residential treatment center and wants to reconnect with themselves in the quiet and solitude of the American Southwest.

It gives you the ability to remove yourself from the things that tempt you in your daily life. Our grounds consist of 11 acres, which include a walking meditation path and a yoga space. 

Located just 20 minutes from downtown Santa Fe, our facility offers all of the peaceful serenity unique to the Southwest while maintaining close access to one of the major cultural hubs of New Mexico.

Location Amenities:

  • Detox and residential treatment on site.
  • Just 20 minutes away from downtown Santa Fe
  • An on-site chef who provides a healthy, nutritional menu
  • Client trips to the local farmer's market for family meal planning
  • 11 acres, which include a walking meditation path and yoga space
  • Healing outdoor spaces such as the Santa Fe National Forest, the Pecos National Historical Park, and the Bandelier National Monument
  • The cultural wealth of the Santa Fe Arts community, visiting the many museums and art galleries as well as attending local performances and art installments


Our team in Santa Fe is ready to help you learn more about any of our programs or locations, and what we can do for you or your loved one. Call us today at 855-496-2884, or you can also reach out via email or text.

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Shadow Mountain Recovery Center - Santa Fe

Individualized, evidence-based addiction treatment based in Santa Fe, with full-service detox and inpatient drug rehab. 


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