Setting Yourself Up For A Successful Recovery

For those that haven’t experienced addiction, the ensuing treatment, and the struggle to overcome said addiction, may believe that “getting better” means simply deciding they want to, or taking an antidepressant, or maybe talking to a therapist a few times.

Sadly, it isn’t that easy.

Often, especially with more severe or persistent addictions, inpatient or more specialized and intensive treatment is needed, like you may find at Shadow Mountain.  Here, everything one will need to get better will be offered to them – individual and group therapies, as well as many other experiential groups and activities.  Both inpatient, as well as intensive outpatient treatment, is offered as well.  Understanding the root of the addiction and then working like hell to eradicate it is no easy feat, but with help, and getting into the proper level of treatment needed, is the best way to start.

Setting yourself up for a successful recovery does not mean that you will have a perfect recovery, or that nothing will ever go wrong.  It doesn’t mean that you won’t cry and want to give up sometimes, or feel defeated, scared, or frustrated.  Recovery is hard, and if anyone tells you it is easy, they’re either lying, or they’ve never been through it!  But recovery will also hold so many moments full or pure joy and freedom, and where you will be so glad that you chose to get better, even though the fight isn’t easy.

Being given the right tools can greatly help one on their road to long-lasting recovery.  Treatment is most often an essential part of recovery. It is wonderful to have all of these tools with you to help you recover.  But recovery is also about making sure you have a strong support system around you, and while in treatment with Shadow Mountain Recovery, they will undoubtedly help you find strong friends, and help educate parents or family members to support you while you work day in and day out for recovery.  Maintaining contact and communication is key to a strong recovery, as isolation can lend itself to the beginnings of relapse.  Your treatment team can help you outline those who can help you and support you through your journey.  It is so very important to surround yourself with people and places who want the healthy, happier you.

A great deal of your recovery begins and is solidified and strengthened with treatment.  But, even those days and weeks and hours that are not spent in treatment, or on your therapist’s couch, will still require YOU to work hard, and to always be vigilant about maintaining your recovery.  Being proactive with your treatment team to help you find ways to be successful both in and out of a structured therapeutic setting is vital.

Shadow Mountain Recovery understands this and will help you outline a plan for a successful recovery.  They understand that recovery is a journey, and it is delicate – and requires constant maintenance.  It is completely possible and achievable to experience full recovery, and Shadow Mountain Recovery is excited to help you through every step of the process, from its early beginnings, to the eventual well-traveled path of recovery where you are more capable to make it on your own.

So, know this.  Recovery isn’t always easy.  But it is absolutely worth it, and setting yourself up for a successful long-term recovery with the help of Shadow Mountain Recovery is a great place to reclaim your life.

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