Fun In Recovery

When entrenched in addiction, nothing matters but feeding the addiction, at whatever cost.  All the responsibilities of life – your job, or your family, or your friends, seem to matter less and less.  And then, everything that makes your life fun and fulfilling – especially for someone who loves to use their body for adventure, like hiking or mountain climbing, or maybe skiing or kayaking – all of the fulfilling things we use our body for don’t matter anymore, as the only thing one may use their body for is to fuel their addiction.  Losing the desire to physically use your body to explore the beautiful world around you, or even losing the ability to, if ones addiction steals your strength and your physical stamina – is so very sad.

Because when you get to the point in your addiction where you lose just about everything, including the things that make you happy, all to chase the allusion of happiness with an addiction that brings a false happiness that is always fleeting, always ephemeral, and always demands more and more of you until there is quite simply nothing left to give – then it is time to give up the lie of the addiction, and begin the road to healing and recovery, like you will find at Shadow Mountain Recovery.  And if you love to use your body to enjoy the outdoors, or to feel strong, or brave, or to just have fun, then Shadow Mountain is a perfect fit for you.

Our Taos location is at the very fingertips for many different physical and outdoor opportunities to help you begin to reclaim your body and physical strength and stamina, and to feel what it’s like to appreciate your body for the strength it has, and for the joy it can bring you when you exercise it and use it for adventure and exercise, and not merely as a vessel for your addiction.

During the winter, some of the best skiing and snowboarding resorts are all around.  There is also snow-shoeing and cross country skiing.  There is nothing quite so breathtaking as New Mexico in the winter.

Even when there isn’t snow on the ground, there is so much fun to be had and places to be explored outdoors.  More hiking trails than you could ever count, rock-climbing, rappelling, mountain biking, or even river-rafting or kayaking.

There is so much beauty in this world, and as you begin to let go of the addiction and let real life back in, especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast or love to use your body for exercise, then our Taos location will never cease to give you as much fun in recovery as you could ever want!  And as that addiction leaves you more and more, and as your life begins to once more fill with the things that really matter – your family, love, laughter, joy, and using our body to strengthen yourself and to find beauty and fun and adventure, rather than as an avenue to abuse our body with our addiction, the Shadow Mountain will help you achieve a full recovery, all while having fun in the beautiful outdoors.

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