It Will Get Better

In our lives, before we were ever in any addiction; at some point, maybe even as a small child, we had faith in this world.  We were optimistic and hopeful.  If something happened that hurt us, or if we are sad, we are able to tell ourselves, It will get better.

And then maybe something very traumatic happens to you.  Maybe you are wracked with grief.  Maybe life turns very ugly and scary.

And then maybe you think, It’s not going to get better.

And then you find your addiction, and while you are desperately sad, and scared, for those few brief moments when using your addiction, you may think, It will get better.  But this isn’t true, because addiction can never make things better.  It gives you a very temporary high that makes you feel better or lost from the burdens of your life, but your life does not get better.  It gets worse and worse.  Your body, your health, does not get better.  It is being systematically destroyed.

Things will never get better unless you decide to fight for it.  Unless you decide to engage in treatment at Shadow Mountain Recovery, then you can say, with confidence and truth, IT WILL GET BETTER.

And it will.

Treatment is hard.  It isn’t always pretty.  Facing your demons and the painful experiences in your life that led you to your addiction will not be easy.  It will hurt sometimes.  But in talking, and talking, and working, and engaging, and connecting, it really will get better.  Slowly, but surely, your life will begin to take the shape of actual, real-life, one where you can live and love and connect and rebuild.  Where hope is real and where you can touch it, and hold it close to your heart.

Let the addicted you go.  Let the jaded you go.  It is alright to be angry and hurt at what has happened in your life.  But it isn’t okay to destroy your life with addiction any longer.  You now know better, because of all you have learned at Shadow Mountain Recovery.  You now know, once again, that It will get better.

Trust in that.  Hold tight to that.  Life after addiction isn’t going to be perfect.  You will still feel sad, and angry, and defeated, and afraid.  But you now have the tools to deal with these emotions, rather than immediately numbing yourself to them by engaging in your addiction.  You now have the tools to process through them, and please, oh please remember, It will get better.

“Everything will be okay in the end.  If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.”

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